POD Conference Funding

The Professional Development Council (PDC) is accepting applications for conferences and workshops for the 2021-22 Academic year. Faculty, classified staff, confidential staff, and managers are eligible to apply. PDC may approve up to $1800 per employee until all funds for the year are exhausted. Employees may apply multiple times until they have reached the $1800 threshold. POD Conference and travel cannot be used for tuition and fees to enroll in an educational program or class. Application for funding does not guarantee approval.


Step 1: Complete the POD Conference Funding Application

  • Funding is available for conferences only. POD Conference and travel cannot be used for tuition and fees to enroll in an educational program or class.
  • PDC reviews and votes on each individual application using the Funding Criteria, justification statements, and supporting documents. 
  • Please be prepared to share the following information: conference link, alignment to Mt. SAC Professional Development Plan, general conference information, manager name, and manager email.  Please be sure to get approval from your manager to attend the conference prior to applying for POD Conference and Travel funding.
  • Submit your application for funding at least 3 weeks prior to the start of the conference. PDC cannot guarantee a review of your application otherwise and POD Conference and Travel is not retroactive.
  • Reimbursement will not be granted for conferences that have already taken place.
  • Application for funding does not guarantee approval.
  • PDC will review your documents, make a decision, and contact you with application results.
  • If you are funded, you will use Chrome River to process your expense reimbursements.

Step 1: Complete the POD Conference Reimbursement and Share Out

This is the form you will use to report about your conference activities. Please be prepared to attach the two documents outlined below. These will be required in order for you to receive future conference funding.

  • Attendance Verification: Please include a document to verify your attendance at the conference. (Email of completion, certification, screen shot from conference workshops, etc.) Remember you cannot request Professional Growth Increments/Benefits for any activities/events supported with College funding.
  • Evidence of Dissemination: Please include a document verifying how you shared conference information with your Mt. SAC colleagues (email, meeting agenda, etc.)

Step 2: Complete your Chrome River Expense Reimbursement Request

 For questions regarding POD conference application and reimbursement please contact Maria Cardenas at