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Welcome to Mt. San Antonio College's (Mt. SAC) High School Outreach (HSO) website. We invite students, parents and high school counselors to utilize the information and resources described on this site to increase awareness and answer Mt. SAC related questions.

Our team is committed to helping potential new students successfully transition to college.
If you attend one of our local district high schools, be on the look out for the Mt. SAC HSO specialist. Your success is our passion!
Sincerely, Tannia Robles, M.A. HSO Director


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      Our Purpose The High School Outreach team helps local in district high school graduating Seniors' successfully transition into Mt. San Antonio College. Our team conducts general college presentations, application workshops, Assessment Questionnaire workshops, specialized presentations, and more at our high schools.

      Our Services Our High School Outreach program is designed to help high school seniors' with the enrollment process and other support services. The services facilitate students' transition from high school to college while preparing students to have a successful academic journey while at Mt. SAC. 

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      High School Outreach Office
      Building 9B, 1st Floor, Information Counter
      Office Hours: M-Th: 8:00-5:00, F: 8:00-4:30
      (909) 274-5906



Our Specialists

Blanca Juarez

Blanca Juarez,
I work with the following high schools: Diamond Ranch HS, Fremont Academy, Ganesha HS, Garey HS, I Poly HS, Palomares Academy, Park West HS, Pomona Catholic HS, Pomona HS, School of Arts & Enterprise, SEEO, and Village Academy

Cynthia Orozco
Cynthia Orozco,
I work with the following high schools: Baldwin Park HS, La Puente HS, Los Altos HS, North Park HS, Sierra Vista HS, Valley Alternative HS, Wilson HS, and Workman HS
Melissa Candell
Melissa Candell,
I work with the following high schools: Arrow HS, Charter Oak HS, Nogales HS, Nueva Vista HS, and I service Dream and Foster Youth students


Salote Wailase

Salote Wailase,
I work with the following high schools: Bassett HS, Covina HS, Fairvalley HS, Glendora HS, Northview HS, South Hills HS, St. Lucy's Priory HS, and Whitcomb HS

Tarik Ross

Tarik Ross Jr.,
I work with the following high schools: Ayala HS, Bonita HS, Boys Republic HS, Buena Vista HS, Canyon View HS, Chaparral HS/ Ed Jones Center, Chino HS, Chino Hills HS, Don Lugo HS, Rowland HS, San Dimas HS, and Santana HS