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Although things are challenging and uncertain, our team is committed to helping potential new students successfully transition to college.  We invite students, parents and high school counselors to utilize the information and resources described on this site to increase awareness and answer High School Outreach (HSO) related questions. All the HSO Staff is available to assist you virtually and in person. 

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      Our Purpose The High School Outreach team helps local in district high school graduating Seniors' successfully transition into Mt. San Antonio College. Our team conducts general college presentations, application workshops, Assessment Questionnaire workshops, specialized presentations, and more at our high schools.

      Our Services Our High School Outreach program is designed to help high school seniors with the enrollment process and other support services. The services facilitate the transition from high school to college while preparing students to have a successful academic journey while at Mt. SAC.  Visit our Connect 4 page for detailed information and helpful resources on how to get started. 

    • school iconIn-district high schools
      1. Arrow High School (Sunflower)
      2. Ayala High School
      3. Baldwin Park High School
      4. Bassett High School
      5. Bishop Amat High School
      6. Bonita High School
      7. Boys Republic High School
      8. Buena Vista High School
      9. Canyon View School
      10. Chaparral High School/Ed Jones Center
      11. Charter Oak High School
      12. Chino High School
      13. Chino Hills High School
      14. Coronado High School
      15. Covina High School
      16. Damien High School
      17. Diamond Bar High School
      18. Diamond Ranch High School
      19. Don Lugo High School
      20. Edgewood High School
      21. Fairvalley High School
      22. Fremont Academy
      23. Ganesha High School
      24. Garey High School
      25. Glendora High School
      26. I Poly High School
      27. La Puente High School
      28. Los Altos High School
      29. Mt. SAC Early College Academy
      30. Nogales High School
      31. North Park High School
      32. Northview High School
      33. Nueva Vista High School
      34. Park West High School
      35. Pomona Catholic High School
      36. Pomona High School
      37. Ron Hockwalt Academies
      38. Rowland High School
      39. San Dimas High School
      40. Santana High School
      41. School of Arts and Enterprise
      42. School of Extended Educational Options: SEEO
      43. Sierra Vista High School
      44. South Hills High School
      45. St. Lucy's Priory High School
      46. Valley Alternative High School
      47. Village Academy
      48. Walnut High School
      49. West Covina High School
      50. Whitcomb High School
      51. Wilson High School
      52. Workman High School

      Will classes be online in or in-person for Fall 2022?
      Mt. SAC is offering a mix of in-person, online, and hybrid courses.  For more information on vaccination protocols, click here.

      Is High School Outreach visiting the high schools for presentations and workshops?
      The outreach staff is providing virtual and in-person visits and services to the high schools.

      What if I want to talk to a college rep/outreach specialist?
      You can view information on who is assigned to work with your high school and their contact information on the Contact Us page.

      What is Connect 4?
      Connect 4 is a combination of services and steps that graduating seniors complete with the guided support of the outreach team in order to receive college enrollment information and early registration for their first Fall semester. For more info go to Connect 4

      Will you still provide Connect 4 services at the High Schools during the pandemic?
      Yes, all Connect 4 services will be provided in- person, virtually (online) including one-on-one appointments.

      What if I want a Campus Tour?
      Please visit our Campus Tours page if you plan to have a school or large group visit Mt. SAC.

      How can I contact you?
      You can email us at or leave us a voicemail at (909) 274-5906 with your name, contact info, and a brief message and we will return your call. You may also reach out directly to the college reps/outreach specialists.

      What if I need to contact Admissions and Records, Counseling, or Financial Aid?
      Admissions & Records (909) 274-4415, Counseling (909) 274-4380 (you must have a Mt .SAC ID# to receive academic counseling services), Financial Aid (909) 274-4450

      Where can I get more information about other student support programs?
      Visit our Student Services webpage  to learn about the variety of campus programs that can help you be successful.

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