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    • livechaticonEOPS/CARE Zoom Office Hours

      Open EOPS/CARE Zoom Office Hours
      Monday - Wednesday
      9:00 am - 4:00 pm

      Zoom Link:

      Join us just to say hello, book an appointment, or ask any questions you may have. An EOPS Counselor will be present every Monday - Wednesday from 12 pm - 1 pm. This is the best time to log in to ask an EOPS Counselor a quick academic question or to get to know the EOPS Counselors.



Temporary EOPS Hotline: (909) 637-2506
EOPS Fall Hours: Monday - Friday 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM  
Name Title Email Google Phone
Julie Marquez Director, EOPS/CARE (714) 584 - 0066 
Maria Hernandez Figueroa Coordinator, EOPS/CARE (909) 529 - 0807
Kaitlyn Yrineo Program Specialist, EOPS/CARE (909) 334 - 2796
Huu Bui Tutorial Services Specialist, EOPS/CARE & CalWORKs (909) 345 - 0460
Alexander Brambila Administrative Specialist II, EOPS/CARE (909) 265 - 3201
Carla Tablas Administrative Specialist I, EOPS/CARE (909) 536 - 1260
Evie Loadjaja Account Technician, EOPS/CARE & CalWORKs  
Tony Rivas Counselor, EOPS/CARE (909) 294 - 6546
Urias Garcia Counselor, EOPS/CARE (909) 294 - 6856
Hector Sanchez Counselor, EOPS/CARE (626) 765 - 7925
Narineh Karimian Adjunct Counselor, EOPS/CARE (818) 538 - 7688
Armine Akopyan Adjunct Counselor, EOPS/CARE (626) 765 - 4051
Luzolo Luzombe Adjunct Counselor, EOPS/CARE (909) 638 - 2233 
Selene Roman Adjunct Counselor, EOPS/CARE (213) 534 - 8566
Karina Medrano Adjunct Counselor, EOPS/CARE (818) 583 - 7108
Jazmin Hurtado Adjunct Counselor, EOPS/CARE (657) 210 - 0246
      • how do i qualifyHow Do I Qualify?

        Student must:

        • Be a California resident or qualify as a California Dream Act Student
        • Be enrolled in a minimum of 12 units (If you are a current/former foster youth and/or have a verified learning disability and/or are a single parent/head of household, you may enroll in a minimum of 9 units)
        • Qualify to receive the College Promise Grant (formerly known as the Board of Governors Fee Waiver (BOGW) under method A, B, or C with a $0 Expected Family Contribution (EFC)
        • Have earned fewer than 40-degree applicable units with a 2.00 GPA 


        In addition, you must meet ONE of the following educationally disadvantaged criteria:

        • Previously or currently in remedial education courses (Math and/or English)
        • Foster Youth (former or current)
        • Did not graduate from high school or obtained a General Educational Diploma (GED)
        • High School Grade Point Average (GPA) below 2.50
        • Be a first-generation college (parent(s) or legal guardian(s) have not completed a college degree)
        • English is not the primary language within the household
      • how do i applyHow Do I Apply?

        Application Process (Remotely due to Campus Closure)

        1. Submit an application, click HERE to access the online EOPS Application
        2. Eligible students will receive an invitation via email (Mt. SAC student email) to participate a mandatory EOPS Information Session (Orientation) via Zoom
        3. Attend the Zoom meeting - EOPS Information Session (Orientation)
        4. Register in a minimum of 12 units (If you are a current/former foster youth and/or have a verified learning disability and/or are a single parent/head of household, you may enroll in a minimum of 9 units)
        5. Welcome to the EOPS Program
        The EOPS program opens yearly to new applicants during the Summer and Winter (subject to change). In addition, the CARE program accepts applications on an ongoing basis.
      • our servicesEOPS Services
        • Priority Registration
        • Counseling & Advisement
        • Textbook Vouchers (based on available funding)
        • Tutoring (located in bldg. 6 rm. 108 - temporarily closed)
        • Cap & Gown
        • University Application Fee Waivers (CSU/UC)
      • FAQsFAQs

        Q: When does EOPS start accepting applications?
        A: The EOPS program opens yearly to new applicants in the month of May for the fall semester.

        Q: I am an AB 540 student, am I eligible to apply for EOPS?
        A: Yes, AB 540 students are eligible to apply for EOPS.

        Q: What happens if I drop a class, am I still enrolled in EOPS?
        A: Yes, you are still enrolled in EOPS. However, if you are considering dropping a course, then we highly encourage you to speak with your EOPS counselor first.

        Q: What happens if I miss a contact?
        A: If you miss a contact, then your services for the following semester will be reduced (i.e. book service).

        Q: Do I have to see the same counselor?
        A: No, you have the option of choosing which ever counselor you would like for your counseling appointment(s).

        Q: Can I cancel my appointment?
        A: Yes, you can cancel your appointment with 24 hours advance notice.

        Q: What happens if I miss my appointment?
        A: If you miss an appointment without canceling with 24 hours advance notice, then you will only be eligible for scheduling same-day appointments for the rest of the semester. Same-day appointments require you to schedule an appointment and meet with a counselor on the same day. Please note: same-day appointments are based on counselor availability.

        Q: What happens if I am late for an appointment?
        A: We do have an on-time policy for appointments. If a student is late, then he/she will only be eligible for same-day appointments for the rest of the semester. 

        Q: How early can I check-in for my appointment?
        A: You can check-in for your appointment up to 30 minutes before your scheduled appointment time.

  • Extended Opportunity Programs & Services

    EOPS also known as Extended Opportunity Programs and Services. EOPS was established on September 4, 1969, Senate Bill 164 was signed into law to help historically socio/economically disadvantaged students in community colleges throughout California. Our program goes “over and above” other college services by offering counseling, tutoring, financial assistance, and other support services designed to help students meet their personal and/or educational goals. Which includes but not limit to obtaining job skills, occupational certificates, or associate degrees, and/or transferring to a four-year institution. Over the last 50 years, EOPS has provided over 2 million students statewide with “over and above” services to help them achieve their educational aspirations. In addition, it is worth noting the following which includes but not limited to:

    • EOPS is a California community college state-funded program
    • Provides access to educational opportunities (history: Civil Rights Act)
    • Supports eligible underrepresented students along educational journey
    • A program that has been advocating for students more than 50 years!
    • EOPS supports each of our students by honoring the EOPS mission: to provide, “over, above and in addition to service.”
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Important Dates and Deadlines Fall 2020

Counseling Contact
July 1 - September 30

During your First Counseling Contact appointment you will meet with the counselor to review, develop, and/or update your Student Education Plan.

Counseling Contact
October 1 - November 6

During your Second Counseling Contact appointment you will discuss your mid-point semester performance.

Counseling Contact
November 9 - December 18

During your Third Counseling Contact appointment you will discuss academic progress, review your EOPS/CARE eligibility status, and/or further develop your Student Education Plan.
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