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El Centro, The Center for Latinidad, provides collaborative programming at Mt. SAC and outside partners. We serve to support, educate, and assist the community in gaining a sense of awareness and cultural wealth. We honor*, celebrate, and explore the diverse cultural roots within Latinidad. Our center also provides a relaxed study and networking space to promote community and academic support.


*We recognize the trauma of colonization to our Indigenous, Black, Asian, and other marginalized communities within Latinidad. We acknowledge that our Indigenous communities are not a concept of the past, that they are alive and persisting in the present day.


El Centro Group Photo


To celebrate and explore our Latinidad.

Celebrar y explorar nuestra Latinidad. 


Uplifting our community, together we achieve our dreams.

Elevado nuestra comunidad, juntos realizamos nuestros sueños.

Calendar of Events

    • 6 What is my Latinidad ?

      Join us as we explore parts of our idenity through a fun reflective activities and community dialogue.

      Multi-Cultural Center Bldg. 410, @ 4pm-6pm

    • 14 Scholarship Workshop

      Learn how to write a strong application for the Mt. SAC Scholarship program.

      El Centro, 9E 2080 @ 3pm-4pm

    • 18Scholarship Workshop

      Learn how to write a strong application for the Mt. SAC Scholarship program.

      El Centro, 9E 2080 @ 3pm-4pm

    • 20 Finding Hermanas

      Join us as we explore what it means to be a Latina Scholar. We will have a panel discussion of Latina Leaders on campus followed by roundtable discussions. 

      9c Stage, @ 4pm-6pm

    • 3 Finding Familia

      Join us as we talk about the importance of finding community while developing an LGBTQIA+ identity within Latinidad.

      9c-Stage, @ 4pm-6pm

    • 11 Scholarship Workshop

      Learn how to write a strong application for the Mt. SAC Scholarship program.

      El Centro, 9E 2080 @ 3pm-4pm

    • 16Noche de Arte

      Enjoy a paint night where we decorate a custom peice of arte which refelts who we are, in ALL of our Latinidad!


      Multi-Cultural Center, 410 (New Student Center) @ 4pm-6pm

    • 1  Language in Latiniad 

      Latinidad is more than how we communicate, but it is a big part of how we build community. From our Deaf and Hard of Hearing to our No Sobo folks, let's explore what we have in common.

      Multi-Cultural Center, 410 (New Student Center) @ 4pm-6pm


    • 15 Suelta La Sopa

      Calling all artists, poets, comedians, story tellers, & chismos@s !!! Join this creative artist space and share your work with others. Sopa will be provided!

      Multi-Cultural Center, 410 (New Student Center) @ 4pm-6pm

If you have any questions, contact 909-274-4310 or To request disability related accommodations please contact El Centro at at least 5 business days in advance of the event.


  • To increase the educational attainment of Chicanx/Latinx students.
  • To educate the Chicanx/Latinx community and the Mt. SAC community about the diversity that encompasses the Chicanx/Latinx cultural community.
  • To provide a physical space that reflects the perspectives and culture of Chicanx/Latinx students.
  • To provide educational, cultural and social programming that affirms and celebrates Chicanx/Latinx identity and values, as well as the awareness of the social, political, historical and cultural realities of the Chicanx/Latinx population.
  • To broaden and facilitate the channels of communication between Chicanx/Latinx students and the greater Mt. SAC student community.
  • To support the development of students interested in the Chicanx/Latinx culture.
  • To participate in the college’s core values of supporting equity and diversity.
  • To provide information to enhance cultural awareness at Mt. SAC.

Program Benefits/Resources

  • Counseling and Advising 
  • Peer-to-peer Support
  • Leadership and Community Engagement Opportunities
  • Chicanx/Latinx Studies Library/ Archival Documents
  • University Raza Youth Conferences
  • On-campus and Online Cultural Events

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M-F 8:00 am - 4:30 pm      
Building 9E- Second Floor
(909) 274-5392

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