Prime Stop Now Accepting EBT

EBT card run through reader

July 14, 2022 - 03:06 PM

Students exit Prime Stop

The Prime Stop, the convenience store located on the bottom floor of Building 61, now accepts EBT, California’s Electronic Benefit Transfer cards. EBT is also referred to as CalFresh. Snacks, drinks, groceries, packaged foods and coffee may all be purchased at the store with EBT.

Student makes purchase at Prime Stop“When its in-between classes, it is really convenient to just stop into the Prime Stop to get food or a drink,” said Sociology student Nathalie Medrano. “When I have a breakfast and lunch, I feel like I can function properly.”     

Sodexo, the campus’ food provider that operates the Mountie Café and the Prime Stop, has worked with the college’s Basic Needs Resource Center to bring EBT to the convenience store. The Basic Needs Resources Program assists students in getting signed up for CalFresh benefits.EBT card is swiped

Rigo Estrada“The ability for students to now be able to use their CalFresh benefits at the Prime Stop is pretty cool,” said Rigo Estrada, Manager of Basic Needs Resources. “It’s going to allow students to access food more conveniently, in between study sessions and classes, without having to leave campus. “

Students using Prime Stop

Medrano agrees, saying it can easily take 15 or 20 minutes to walk off-campus to stores that accept EBT.

“For students on the east side of campus, it’s even worse,” said Medrano. “Especially in the heat.”

Sign says "We Welcome SNAP EBT Customers"The only stores located near Mt. SAC are across Grand Ave., west of campus. No commercial developments exist on the east, north or south sides of campus.

Pantry items at Prime Stop“I would often wait until the end of my day to go off campus to get something to eat,” explained Medrano.  “Having prepared sandwiches and fresh fruit helps our students with disabilities, while the pantry foods help students who take public transportation.”  

Another benefit that students with EBT will see is the lifting of the $3 minimum purchase to use their EBT card, rather than a credit or debit card.

sign says "WE have a $3.00 minimum purchase for all credit and debit cards."Visit the Basic Needs website to learn more about the resources available to students.