Completion Center

Completion Center

Visit the Completion Center for graduation application support, counseling appointments, workshops and more!

About the Center:

The Completion Center provides a space for students who are preparing to graduate or transfer from Mt. SAC to receive personalized support and guidance for achieving their educational goal(s). Are you looking for a space to help you know when to apply to graduate? Or do you need support in applying to graduate at Mt. SAC? Maybe you need a counselor to review your Mountie Academic Plan (MAP) and figure out your graduation timeline. These are all areas the Completion Center can help with!

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    • peopleWho We Serve

      The Completion Center serves enrolled students at Mt. SAC who are close to completing their academic goal(s).  To qualify as a Completion Student, students should have completed:

      • 45+ units
      • Transfer level English requirement
      • Transfer level Math requirement

      Enrolled students working on their degree, transfer, or certificate qualify as a Completion Student. For more information if you qualify reach out to the Completion Center.

    • gearOur Services

      Completion Students have access to:

      • Priority counseling appointments with Completion Counselors
      • Milestone and Recognition ceremonies
      • Workshops and educational events
      • Referrals to on and off campus resources 
      • Personalized support
    • HandshakeReady to Complete

      Are you a few semesters away from finishing your program/degree/ or certificate? Congratulations!  Schedule a GRAD CHECK counseling appointment to see how close you are to finishing your goal.  The Completion Center has graduation application workshops and services to help you fill out your application.

      • Be sure to apply for graduation! You can access the application for graduation and review information related to graduation on the Records and Graduation page.
      • If you plan to transfer, make sure you have connected with one of our Completion Counselors and also check out Mt. SAC's Transfer Center
Contact Us

8:00 A.M. - 4:30 P.M.
Building 327 (north of the Mountie Cafe)
(909) 274-5187

Fall Workshop Dates

Nov 28th  Nov 29th Nov 30th Dec 1st  Dec 4th Dec 5th  Dec 6th Dec 7th Dec 8th Dec 11th  Dec 12th Dec 13th Dec 14th Dec 15th

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Meet Our Completion Counselors:

  • Rudy Santacruz
  • Jesse Lopez
  • Angel Lujan
  • Jim Smith
  • Georgina Bernal
Completion Center Staff
Name Title Contact
Angel Lujan Coordinator/ Counselor
Maria Wood Administrative Specialist
Kaylynn Lare Completion Specialist
Raul Cabral Completion Specialist
Ronnie Escoto Completion Specialist