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Summer Bridge students
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Summer Bridge students

Bridge Program

The Bridge Program is a student support program that offers several learning communities designed to increase students' academic and personal success. Students participating in a learning community are enrolled in linked or clustered classes that are taught in a cooperative environment between instructors. 

The learning communities we offer during the academic year include Summer Bridge and Math Bridge and English Bridge offered in the Fall and Spring semesters. Each learning community focuses on a specific academic need and has an assigned counselor to assist students. The Bridge Program is especially designed for students who can benefit from additional academic support, are economically disadvantaged, and need additional support in their first year at Mt. SAC. Bridge students also form lasting friendships. They tend to share educational goals, interests, and similar backgrounds. We work with students to promote their graduation and transfer success to universities. You might just find our program to be the "bridge" you need to cross over your obstacles to success!

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Bridge Program Staff

Bridge Program Staff   Email Address  
Anabel Perez Learning Communities Counselor/Coordinator  
Lyssette Trejo Learning Communities Counselor  
Jolene Chong Program Coordinator  
Cynthia Orozco Educational Advisor  
Lynn Matthiesen Student Services Program Specialist II  
Jasmine Mendoza Administrative Specialist  
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