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What is a Refund?

On occasion, Mt. SAC may have money for you and will issue it to you in the form of a refund. Some of the reasons you might receive a refund include dropping or canceling a class or receipt of financial aid (such as a grant, scholarship or a loan). In these cases, Mt. SAC has partnered with BankMobile to deliver the refund owed to you. After your initial class registration with Mt. SAC, BankMobile will send a green envelope to the mailing address you have on file with the college. In the envelope, BankMobile will provide you with instructions on how to select your refund preference. Your options include electronic deposit to your bank account, a paper check or electronic deposit to a BankMobileVibe account. Please note: the contents of the green envelope is for informational purposes only.  Therefore, if you have not received the green envelope, you can select your refund preference now by clicking the “Make a Refund Selection” button below.

If you are a Continuing Student and had set up your refund selection with our previous partnered company, HigherOne, please contact BankMobile at (877) 327-9515 to verify your refund selection is still active.

Manage My Refunds

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All students are required to make a refund selection once during their time at Mt. SAC. To make your selection now, or to change your refund selection preference, please click the "Make a Refund Selection" button below.

Required Consumer Information Disclosure

Click on the button below to view  the Department of Education Regulations Governing Financial Aid (Title IV) Disbursements

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