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Frequently Asked Questions

    • Have Registration Questions?

      Q: I have applied to Mt. SAC, what's next?

      A: Great!  We’re so happy that you are continuing your education with us!  You should be receiving an email from our Admissions and Records office.  You will want to follow the New Student Registration Checklist found in your Student Portal, under the Student Success tab.  (You will see it in the upper, left-hand corner of your screen.)

      Q: As a new college student, is it really worth it to do a summer program?

      A: YES!!  If you are new to college, our summer programs are a great way to get a jump start on your education and learn about college life – all the while making new friends!  Not to mention that if you sign up for either our STEP or Summer Bridge Programs, you can qualify for benefits through Promise+Plus, which includes early registration for your first fall and spring semesters.  Check out this quick video on the benefits of doing either of our two summer programs.

      Q: How do I find my registration date and time?

      A:  Students can find their registration day and time in the Student Portal, under the Student tab, #8. Registration Appointment/ Hold one week before registration for that semester/intersession begins.  Please see this flyer for a visual.  You can also check out this quick video of how to check your registration date in your Student Portal.

      Registration dates for 2021 - 2022

                              Fall 2021: July 7th, 2021 (Can check in portal on June 30th, 2021)

                  Winter 2022: November 3rd, 2021 (Can check in portal on October 27th, 2021)

                  Spring 2022: January, 12th, 2022 (Can check in portal on January 5th, 2022)

                  Summer 2022: May 4th, 2022 (Can check in portal on April 27th, 2022)

                  Fall 2022: July 6th, 2022 (Can check in portal on June 29th, 2022)

      Q: Where can I find the list of classes that are available for the upcoming term?

      A: You can search for classes in your Mt. SAC Student Portal under the Student Tab, #14. Search for Classes, however the best tool to use is the online class schedule. Please see this flyer for a visual, or you can check out this quick video that shows you how to use the online class schedule.

      Q: How do I register for classes?

      A: You have the freedom of registering yourself for classes; no one else can do this for you.  To do this, log into your Student Portal, then click on the Student tab, #4. Register, Add/Drop Classes. Please see this flyer for a visual, or you can check out this quick video on how to register for classes.

      Q: I was able to waitlist a course. Now what do I do?

      A: Being on a waitlist for a course does not mean you are registered for that class.  Once you are on the waitlist, it is your responsibility to check your Mt. SAC email every day to see if you were sent a notification to add the class.  If a student drops out of the enrolled class, the first student on the waitlist will receive an email. You will be responsible for logging into your Mt. SAC Student Portal and adding the course within 72 hours of receiving the email notification. If you fail to add the class within the 72 hours, the system will no longer allow you to add, and then the next person on the waitlist will be sent a notification email.  Please see this flyer for a visual. You can only be on one waitlist CRN per class. For example, you cannot waitlist for multiple ENGL 1A courses.

      If you are still on the waitlist by the first day of class, you can attend the first day of class and ask your instructor for an add code. You will need the course CRN number and add code from the professor to add a class once the term has started.  Instructors will usually add from the waitlist based on seats available. If you are not on the waitlist, your chances of being added on the first day are lower.

      If you need help adding a course after the term has started, please check out this flyer for information on how to do this.

      Q: How do I find out where I am on the waitlist?

      A: You can check your waitlist status by checking your Student Portal, under the Student tab, #13. Waitlist Position.  

      Q: What do I do if the class I want to take is closed?

      A: Try registering for a different CRN that is open. You may also try to get on the waitlist. Lastly, you may attend the first class meeting. If there is space available in the class, the instructor may give you an add code to register on your student portal. Please keep in mind that instructors normally add students from the waitlist first before adding first day walk-ins.  Please see this flyer with a visual on how to register for a course after the term has started.

      Q: I have an add code, how do I use it?

      A: First, you will need to register for the class using the original CRN number in your Student Portal, under the Student tab, #4. Add/Drop Classes.  After this point, you will be asked for the add code or verification code.  Once you put in the code, please make sure to hit the Submit Changes button.  You will see the phrase, “Web Registered” when you are registered for the course.  Each CRN has its own add deadline. You can look up this deadline on the online schedule of classes by clicking on the course CRN in blue. The add code can only be used once, and it must be used before the last day to add for that specific CRN.

      Q: What is a prerequisite?

      A: A prerequisite is a requirement that you must meet/complete before enrolling in a class. For example, the prerequisite for the class Math 180 is Math 160, or placement based on the Assessment Questionnaire. To enroll in Math 180, you need to first pass Math 160 or place directly into the Math 180 through the Assessment Questionnaire.

      Q: What is a corequisite?

      A: A corequisite is a class you must take together with the class you intend to take. For example, the class MUS 2 has a corequisite of MUS 5A, so to enroll in MUS 2, you must also enroll in MUS 5A during the same term. If you don't enroll in MUS 5A, you won't be able to enroll in MUS 2. You can choose any CRN of the MUS 2 course offerings and it does not need to be with the same instructor as in MUS 5A.  If a course has a corequisite, this is indicated with a chain symbol next to the course CRN on the online schedule of classes, as shown here.corequisite with two linked circles

      Q: How do I prove that I have satisfied a course prerequisite?

      A: If you've already passed the prerequisite course at Mt. SAC, or have been placed at a level where you do not need the perquisite with the Assessment Questionnaire, you will automatically be cleared for the next course sequence.

      If you are coming from another university or college and have taken the prerequisite course there, you will need to get a prerequisite clearance.  There are several ways in which you can connect with a counselor for this.  Please see this flyer for a visual.

      • You can submit a prerequisite clearance form through the Counseling Website.
      • You can meet with a counselor during Express Zoom Counseling (EZC) during Mondays and Fridays during the fall/spring semesters.
      • You can email a counselor (please make sure to include a copy of your unofficial transcripts).
      • You can call (909) 274-4380 and speak with a counselor for Quick Question Sessions. Phone lines are open from 8am to 4:30pm.  We are closed on Fridays during the summer intersession.
    • Which courses do I have to take during my first semester?

      There are NO specific courses that must be completed during your first semester. It is recommended, NOT required, that you concentrate on your English and Math requirements — but if you can’t get into an English or Math class, try taking them the next semester, or during the summer.  Please make an appointment with a Counselor/Advisor as soon as possible. You can also check out this page to find more detailed information about each of our majors and the courses needed for that major. 

    • Which do I take first, my major or my G.E. classes?

      Major and General Education (G.E.) courses are designed to be taken at the same time.  Please see a Counselor/Advisor to develop an educational plan to help you meet your educational goal. You can also check out this page to learn more about your major and the classes you should take for that major.

    • How many units do I have to take?

      That’s entirely up to you. Twelve units gives you full-time student status. But if you register for fewer than 12, that’s ok, too.  The College sets a limit of 18 units for all students. Students wishing to enroll in more than 18 units in one semester must get a counselor’s approval. Students are limited to 7 units for summer and winter sessions.

    • What do I do if I still have questions?

      Make an appointment with a Counselor/Advisor if you need additional assistance choosing a major or career. To make an appointment, call (909) 274-4380. If you would like additional assistance choosing classes, visit the Counseling Center on the second floor of the Student Services Center.

    • How long will it take to earn an Associate degree?

      The length of time it may take you to receive a degree depends on your chosen area of study and the number of units you complete each semester. Many students earn their degrees in four semesters; others take longer.

    • Can I transfer to a university without an Associate degree?

      Yes. However, by taking courses required for transfer, you will more likely meet the requirements for an associate degree as well. Check with a Counselor or Advisor.