What is your AQ? Asessment Questionairre

Assessment Questionnaire (AQ)

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Unsure of what classes you are eligible for? You got this! Whether your goal is to attain an Associate Degree, certificate, or to transfer to a university, the Assessment Questionnaire (AQ) provides you with recommendations for enrolling in transfer-level English, math, and reading courses. This online placement tool enables students to achieve success along their academic journey.  

The AQ is not a test, but instead an assessment tool that utilizes multiple measures to make recommendations for transfer-level courses. Multiple measures include your high school English and math courses, your grades in those courses, and your cumulative grade point average.

Students who complete the AQ will be eligible for the following.

  • English: Students with a U.S. high school diploma or equivalent will automatically be eligible for transfer-level English upon completion of the AQ.  For English language learners/Non-native speakers, credit ESL courses are available through the American Language (AMLA) Department.
  • Math: All students will be eligible for transfer-level math upon completion of the AQ.
  • Reading: Students with a U.S. high school diploma or equivalent will automatically be eligible for transfer-level reading upon completion of the AQ.

Take the AQ today!

How to take the Assessment Questionnaire (AQ) 

  1. Click the Take the Assessment Questionnaire button below.
  2. Log in with your Mt. SAC username and password.
  3. Answer the questions on  the Assessment Questionnaire.  It is recommended that you have your high school transcript when completing the AQ (See Instructions on how to obtain your high school transcript for more details).  
  4. Check your responses for accuracy (Responses to the Assessment Questionnaire will be randomly verified using official transcripts).
  5. Submit your responses at the end of the Assessment Questionnaire by clicking on the "Submit" Button.

Take the Assessment Questionnaire


Need Help?
Get Hands-on Help

For assistance with completing the Assessment Questionnaire, please go to the Assessment Center in the Student Services Center, 9B (lower level).  Please bring your high school transcript (either official or unofficial) to answer the questions. View the contact page for Assessment Center office hours.

International F-1 Visa students can get assistance from the International Students Office.

Correct an Error

If you submitted your responses but made an error, you'll need to work with a counselor in the Counseling Department to correct your error. You must bring your high school transcript when meeting with your counselor. You can only take the Assessment Questionnaire once.

If you have questions about your placement or need help in choosing the right class for you, please make an appointment to see a counselor.

Who takes the AQ?

All students should take the Assessment Questionnaire to receive course eligibilities and recommendations.

International F-1 Visa students can get assistance from the International Students Office.

When do I take it?

In the Steps to Apply and Enroll, you usually get assessed after you have applied to Mt. SAC and applied to receive financial aid.

What's next?

After completing the AQ, you will receive your course placement for English, reading, and math.  Your next step is orientation.  You may complete orientation online at  A portion of the orientation will provide information regarding how to register for classes.