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Career & Major Exploration

You might be having some thoughts and questions now that you are in college:  

  • What should I major in?
  • What do I want to be “when I grow up”?
  • What do I like and how can that be a career?
  • My friends know what they are doing and I don’t really feel certain at all…
  • Where do I start? What should I think about?

In order to help alleviate some of the anxiety in deciding your future, try following the 4-Step Career Development Cycle. The steps are defined below:


Career Development Cycle Graphic
    • 1Step 1: Know Yourself

      A photo of a young woman standing in front of a chalkboard with muscles drawn behind herKnow Yourself:

      The first step in career exploration is understanding yourself. You will want to find a career that is a good match for you and your interests, skills, personality, and values.

      • Interests – Interests are what you like to do and what you like to learn about.
      • Skills – Skills are what you are good at and have some natural abilities.
      • Values – Values are what is important to you both in your life and in your future work.
      • Personality – Personality is what you are like when you are completely “yourself”. You get more energy for work, when you are using your own preferences.

      Choosing a Major Workshop:
      Take a career assessment with a Counselor in a small group setting with other students who are asking similar questions about their major and career. This is an excellent first step!
      Learn More about choosing a major

      Just for fun, take an Interest Profiler Assessment right now and print your results at the end. Then make a counseling appointment to discuss your results further.  
      Take an Interest Profiler Assessment

      Take a Counseling Class to have more time to think about your career and life direction.
      View Counseling Classes

    • 2Step 2: Explore Possibilities

      A graphic of a chalkboard with lightbulbs drawn on it and the text of "Explore Your Options"Explore Possibilities:

      Understanding what majors are available and what the job market looks like can help you make decisions about your major and career goals. Here are some websites that can help you explore careers:

    • 3Step 3: Make Choices

      A graphic of a young woman facing a decision between two roadsMake Choices:

      After exploring your options, at some point, you will need to make a decision about your direction and career and major. You may feel excited or nervous, or anxious or just ready to choose!

      • Make an Education Plan Plan out the best sequence for your classes with a counselor. Discuss course selections and options.
      • Make a Career Plan – Together with a counselor, think about your career goals, and what education and experiences do you want to have? Start by planning what kinds of internships and work experiences you want during college to get ready to be in your chosen field after you graduate.
      • To make an Educational Plan and/or Career Plan make an appointment with a counselor:

      Got MAP? Mountie Academic Plan

    • 4Step 4: Make It Happen
      A photo of a young woman in front of a chalkboard with arrows drawn pointing in the same direction 

      Make It Happen:

      Implementing your plan for your major goal:

      View Certificate and Degree Options

      Implementing your plan for you career goal: