Integrating Your Experience


Now that you are back home, there are a few important steps you can take to ensure a smooth transition. 

  1. Credit Conversion
    • You will need to transfer over your credits from Citrus College to Mt. SAC. Every course you took abroad counts for credit and now needs to be articulated. To do this, visit the Registrar’s Office at Citrus College. Request they send your transcript to Mt. SAC. There may be a small fee for this transaction. In a few weeks, check back in with Mt. SAC’s Registrar’s Office to ensure that they have successfully received your Citrus College transcripts. Doing this step properly and early will make registering for the next semester at Mt. SAC much easier for you and your Counselor. 
  2. Market Yourself
    • Be sure to update your resume to include your time abroad. Did you volunteer anywhere or have a side job? Did you strengthen your language fluency or learn new skills? Let employers know that you are a proud study abroad alumnus. They will be impressed by your cultural awareness, independence, and adaptability. Don’t be shy and remember to share this new experience also on any internship, transfer, or graduate applications in the future.
  3. Get Involved
    • If you feel passionately about your time abroad, consider becoming more involved at Mt. SAC. Become an Abroad Ambassador and guide prospective students through the application process. Having a familiar face and a fellow student to look up to really gives others the confidence they need to follow through on their goal. Join the Travel Club on campus and find new places you want to travel to. Or become a Buddy at the International Student Program and hang out with students new to the United States.