Future Opportunities

Did you love your time overseas? Want to do it again? Good news. You absolutely can, both as a student or as a professional after you graduate. Read ahead to see how you can expand on your international experience.

    1. Higher Education
      • Many students decide after pursuing their AA or BA to continue their education. There are many fantastic programs around the world that specialize in whatever subject matter you are passionate about. Research their websites, contact their counselors, and take an in person or virtual tour to see if it is a right fit.
    2. Teach Abroad
      • Teaching English is in high demand these days as our world becomes more globalized. If working with students feels exciting, this may be a wonderful route to go abroad. Teach Away, CIEE Teach Abroad, or the Spanish Language Assistant Program are some of the leaders in this professional opportunity. Usually there is an application and interview process to get hired but housing, pay, and even food or travel stipends may be included in your package.
    3. Work Abroad
      • Finding a job outside of teaching is also completely possible. Many people look into opportunities like the Peace Corp or BUNAC Work Abroad Program, or the Foundation for Sustainable Development to work abroad. Depending on the program, incentives like student loan forgiveness may be offered which can help alleviate any debt incurred during your time in college.