Faculty Application Process and Tips

Prospective faculty must submit an application before teaching abroad. Application calls go out a semester ahead of departure so be sure to check emails and campus announcements for deadlines. Applications are then collected, reviewed, and voted on by the various campus leads of the Southern California Foothills Consortium. Selected faculty will be individually invited via email or phone call to accept the offer of teaching abroad. An orientation is required along with an understanding that the faculty member is responsible for enthusiastic and sustained student recruitment on their home campus before departure.

The application for teaching abroad includes:

  • A brief record of your academic qualifications
  • Current courses being taught
  • Potential courses you hope to teach abroad for the specific program location (that follow the Citrus College Catalog)  
  • Experiences abroad and off campus student advising skills
  • Professional biography
  • Dean and VP of Instruction signature/approval from Mt. SAC

Application Tips:

  • Personalize the application to your specific location.  Link your discipline to the city, culture, religion, history where you will be teaching.  Write about specific topics, books, and activities you would use that make a clear connection to the city.  For example, if you are teaching English, incorporate writers from that country or region.  
  • Do your homework before applying.  Find out what specific resources the city (or region) offers that you would incorporate into your courses.  The more resources you can offer as suggestions, the stronger your application looks because it shows forethought, preparation, and creativity.  For example, if you are teaching art history, discuss which museums you would visit with your students, and which local artists and artwork would be discussed.
  • Have someone review your application.  Have other people who have successfully applied to the study abroad program review your application and offer tips that can strengthen your specific application.