Joe Vasquez

Chris Schroeder and Joe Vasquez

December 14, 2023 - 04:56 PM

The IT Spotlight Award recognizes IT staff members who made a contribution to the IT Department or College Community and went ‘above and beyond’.

With an extensive tenure of over 30 years at Mt. SAC, Joe Vasquez stands as the cornerstone of the IT department. Throughout his career, Joe has been unwavering in his commitment to supporting students, faculty, and staff with their technological needs. His recent pivotal role in facilitating the relocation of classrooms and labs to temporary spaces amid challenging circumstances affecting five buildings exemplifies his dedication. Joe's composed demeanor and methodical approach were instrumental in swiftly making technology accessible to both students and faculty within their new temporary environments.

Serving as IT's principal liaison with Facilities for all campus construction projects, Joe's tireless efforts ensure that the technological infrastructure in new buildings seamlessly meets present hardware requisites while accommodating future demands. His meticulous attention to detail guarantees that all IT components are primed and operational as new buildings come online.

Joe Vasquez is an indispensable asset to the IT Team, earning the collective admiration of the entire department as he received the prestigious IT Spotlight Award.

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