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Information on the variety of technology resources available to students at Mt. San Antonio College.

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IT Help Desk Hours:
Phone support hours: Monday - Thursday: 7:30 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., Friday 7:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m Phone:
(909) 274-4357 (HELP)

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      • Get Started
        1. Visit the Wēpa Website. 
        2. Select Mt. San Antonio College and Log in with your Mt. SAC Portal account username and password. Follow the easy steps to upload your document.
        3. After you upload your document to the Wēpa system, visit any Mt. SAC Print Station to print your document. Documents can be uploaded in a number of convenient, easy-to-use methods. You can follow the following steps below:
      • Printing Methods
        Web Upload


        Upload documents from any web browser, on any computer. After logging in with your credentials or creating an account, you can upload documents from your computer or connected network directly to your user account. You can control settings and document print requirements before upload with easy to navigate controls.

        How it works

        Login at, select your documents and "send to Wēpa."

        Mobile Upload


        With life’s busy pace, you may not always be seated at a desktop to get things done. With this in mind we have given you the freedom to print from any Apple® or Android® device. You can download the “Wēpa Print” app and begin printing to our cloud. Additionally, our mobile app also has the ability to scan and print documents.

        How it works

        Download the "Wēpa Print" app and follow the instructions.

        Email Upload


        Print from any device that can send email. Our email to print system is ideal for students or guests. No account is needed, just email the document and use the Wēpa Code in the reply at any Wēpa print station. If you have an account with us, just send an email to with your user account email address and you will find your document(s) in your documents list.

        How it works

        Attach your document to an email, send to and use the provided Wēpa Code to print your document at any Wēpa print station.

        Cloud Upload


        Wēpa's Cloud Storage feature allows users to print from their current file storage providers (Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, Office 365 or OneDrive) by accessing it right at the print station. This will allow you to access any file you want to print like it’s being stored right on the print station! No more fumbling for the USB Drive or forgetting to send a file to print ahead of time. As hectic as life can be, printing sure doesn’t need to be a stressor. We want to make our solution so easy that someone can do it before their morning cup of joe!

        How it works

        Access your Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, Office 365 or OneDrive account at any Wēpa print station to print your files.

        USB Upload


        Print directly at any of our Wēpa print stations without a computer or account. Great for guests – just insert your drive and select documents.

        How it works

        Insert your USB drive at any Wēpa print station.

      • Fees

        Current Print Fees for Students

        • 12 cents for Single-Sided Black and White
        • 19 cents for Double-Sided Black and White.
        • 35 cents for Single-Sided Color
        • 68 cents for Double-Sided Color.
      • Print Station Locations
        • Library, Bldg. 6-200 (2nd Floor)
        • Building 6 - LTC Lobby - (1st Floor)
        • ASAC Lab, Bldg. 6-120 (1st Floor)
        • Building 410 - Student Center Study Area - 1st Floor
        • Building 13 - Design Technology Center Lobby - 1st Floor
        • Writing Center, Bldg. 26B-1561A (1st Floor)
        • Math & Science Study Area, Bldg. 61-2209 (2nd Floor)
        • Agricultural Sciences Lobby Area, Bldg. 80 (1st Floor)

        Wēpa Student Print Locations

      • Upload Funds
        • Funds can be deposited via the Wēpa app or Wēpa website using all major credit cards and PayPal.
        • Print Cards can also be purchased at the Cashiers Office in Building 4.
      • FAQ
        1. What methods are available for me to print from?
          You can print from the web, mobile, email, cloud and USB.


        1. What is my username and password?
          Log in with your Mt. SAC Portal account username and password.


        1. What payment methods are available?
          Credit cards, PayPal and Print Cards can also be purchased at the Bursars Office in Building 4.


        1. Can I still print to regular printer within the area I am in?
          Yes, you can still print to the regular printers. Please consult with the department you are located for further information.


        1. How long will the print job stay in the cloud?
          Print jobs sent to Wēpa printers will be available for 6 days.


        1. Can I send multiple print jobs at once?
          Yes, you can send as many print jobs as necessary. Once you get to the print kiosk you can view and confirm which print jobs you want to print.


        1. Can I print in 11x14 or 8.5 x 14?
          No, the Wēpa printers are only standard 8.5x11 pages.


        1. Who do I contact for refunds or poor quality of printed pages?
          You can contact a Wēpa representative by
          1 (800) 675-7639 


        1. How am I refunded if my print job is damaged by a paper jam?
          You can contact a Wēpa representative by
          1 (800) 675-7639 


        1. Is there a surcharge for using a credit card?
          There is no surcharge for students using credit card.


        1. Can I add only the exact amount needed to the Wēpa account, and if not, how am I refunded the extra amount not needed for my print job?
          You can contact a Wēpa representative for a refund.
          1 (800) 675-7639 


        1. Can visitors or guests print to the Wēpa print kiosks?
          Yes, guests can print to Wēpa printers. Higher fees will be applicable.

    Detailed Wēpa Instructions

      • Laptop Information

        Currently enrolled students may be eligible for student loan technology resources such as laptops and wifi devices.

      • Technical Support

        Need specialized software or assistance with your student loaned laptop or hotspot equipment.

        In-Person: Please call (909) 274-6722 to make an appointment with our technicians in Building 6.

        Remote Support: Email: or call (909) 274-6722 talk to one of our technicians and make an appointment.   

      • Laptop Loaner Program

        Dont have access to a computer? Please fill out the following form to apply for a free student technology loan.

        Request Student Technology

      • WiFi Information

        If you are currently enrolled and don't have access to internet, please fill out the following form for a free student internet hotspot loan.

      • Locations on Campus

        WiFi is located throughout campus.   Click to view maps of WiFi locations.

        Campus Wifi Maps

      • WiFi Loaner Program

        Don't have access to WiFi? Please fill out the following form to apply for a free student technology loan.

        Request Student Technology

      • Getting Setup

        Connecting your laptop to your Hotspot:

        1) Turn on your T-Mobile Franklin T-10 Hotspot by holding down the button on the slim side of the hotspot

        2) Log in to your laptop using your Mt. SAC Portal credentials

        3) On your task bar, in the bottom-right corner of the screen, locate and click the ‘Wi-Fi’ icon. You may
        need to click the chevron (up arrow) if you cannot see the Wi-Fi icon.

        4) Find the WiFi signal that looks similar to “MtSAC-####”; the four digits should match those found on the back of the hotspot itself and the hotspot box. You can also press (but not hold down) the power button to turn the screen on if it’s not already, and press it again to show the hotspot name.


        5) Once you have located your hotspot name, click on it and then click the Connect button. Ensure that the “Connect automatically” box is ticked.


        6) You will be prompted to enter the security key. Repeatedly press (but do not hold down) the power button until the screen displays the hotspot Password. If the hotspot screen is currently displaying the WiFi name from step 4, only one more press is required.

        7) Type the password shown on the hotspot screen into the security key field on your laptop.


        8) After entering the password, you may be prompted to enable network discovery. This does not affect hotspot performance and is not required; you may safely choose either “Yes” or “No”.

        9) You should now be securely connected to your hotspot and able to access the internet.

        Click here for more information

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