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Mt. SAC Important Message

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IT Scoring Services

Download instructions for  activating online student evaluations

For paper evaluations and test scoring servicescontinue reading below...

  • Scoring sheets:
    • Forms are downloadable (print as needed)
    • Pencil, blue/black ink will be accepted on answer sheets                                            
    • Report results can be sent via Mt. SAC Dropbox! 
    • Use less paper overall!

    (Please do not use "white-out" products on answer sheets.)

  • Accepted marks on answer sheets


    • Downloadable sheets/forms:
    • Instructions for processing evaluations and tests:

      1. Deliver forms (evals or test) to the IT help desk lobby (building 23).

      2. Once at the help desk lobby, there will be a designated area for evaluations/tests-fill out a cover sheet for each course you are submitting. See below:

      Please remove ALL blank answer sheets before submission for scoring accuracy.

      sample cover sheet for surveys

      3. For test scoring: fill out test cover sheet and attach answer key(s).  

      sample key sheet and cover

      4. Please complete the 'Tests and Evals Log Sheet' located next to the drop-off tray when you leave your forms.

      sample of log sheet

    • Results:

      Results will be ready within 2 business days after drop-off. Based on what was checked on the cover sheet, results will either be Dropboxed or printed for pick-up. (ONLY the Mt. SAC Dropbox can be used, no personal Dropboxes.)

      Sample Report Results:

      To pick- up printed results: visit the help desk lobby (building 23- same area as drop-off)

      To pick-up from Mt. SAC Dropbox: You will receive an email to your Mt. SAC email containing a link to your results. Click the link to access the ZIP folder that contains your results along with images of the answer sheets submitted. 

      Dropbox sample email:

      email sender sample

      sample dropbox email


      Note: Dropbox files will only be available for 14 days. After 14 days they will automatically be deleted for security reasons.