IT Update for Administrative Services Quarterly Report – COVID 19 Response

Modular Buildings

April 13, 2020 - 08:21 AM

  • Created and issued more than 400 new VPN accounts. The daily VPN connection as gone from an average of less than 40 to now more than 700.
  • Purchased, configured, and distributed 175 new laptop computers for faculty and staff.
  • Partnered with Student Services to configure more than 200 loaner laptops, iPADs, and hotspots for students.  
  • Students in car waiting to pickup laptop
  • Students in car waiting to pickup laptop
  • Students in car waiting to pickup laptop
  • Mt. SAC IT employees at work
  • Mt. SAC IT employees at work
  • Completed the process to enable students to register up to the original max units allowed after dropping some classes with Excused Withdrawals.
  • Completed the noncredit online application to enable noncredit students to apply online.
  • Completed the process to provide faculty who had not been SPOT certified to teach online classes for Summer 2020 and Fall 2020 temporary SPOT certification so that they can teach online classes for these terms.
  • Working on a process to enable dual enrollment students who have been enrolled in Winter 2020 classes ending in late May 2020 to drop their classes with Excused Withdrawals.
  • Working on a targeted communication to inform students of their grades after faculty input the final grades in the portal. Students would be then able to make a selection of the grading option (pass/no pass or standard letter grade) for eligible classes. IT would subsequently run a script to convert the students’ final grades into appropriate grades based on students’ selected grading option prior to the grades roll.
  • Rerouted the College’s main phone numbers (909.594.5611 and 909.274.7500) so they can be answered remotely by College operators. 
  • With the help of student workers, to date over 4,000 PDF documents have been fixed to comply with and pass our accessibility scans.
  • In partnership with Instruction, Student Services, and Fiscal Services, completed programming to allow students to withdraw and receive refunds without it counting negatively on their transcript.
  • Developed programming for students to select Pass/No Pass grade option.
  • Assisted Division Admins with recoding all summer classes to be online in Banner and that included adding section text language programmatically.
  •  A script was written to automatically rotate the images on the Campus homepage, making the experience different each time you visit.
  • Telecommunications created multiple solutions for departments to answer College extensions from off campus phones.
  • The Campus Directory was formatted to look nice when printed. Choose 'Print Directory' from the menu bar and select either 'Print All Faculty and Staff' or 'Print Faculty'.
  • In partnership with the College-wide electronic forms committee, in the process of researching and implementing an electronic signature process. We are asking for your support by completing the Online Form Submission.
  • Implemented a new online email account request form.
  • As of April 9, IT received 526 requests from staff and faculty on the web request form. These included 413 VPN accounts, 222 laptop requests, and 57 hotspot requests. New requests continue to come in daily.
  • Business Analysts have been helping various departments transition paper forms that don’t require official signatures to online forms with workflows.
  • IT also made available a web version utility of the OnBase unity client available to all VPN users. They can log-on without having the OnBase software installed.
  • In collaboration with FCLT, new functionality was added to Canvas, including:
    • A Student Hub that features important links to resources students need as they transition online.
    • Labster that helps faculty teach science laboratory lessons online that were traditionally taught in person.
    • Screencast-o-Matic that allows faculty to take screenshots of their lessons and post them in Canvas.
  • Continued to submit mandated reports to the Chancellor’s Office, like the MIS Student Basic report.
  • Virtual Front Desk/Chat Room functionality was added to several department/program websites, allowing students to get help from a live person while remaining online, including the Business Division and the Writing Center.
  • In partnership with Student Life, created and completed online student elections.
  • Provisioned 28,000 student accounts for Adobe Creative Cloud. Adobe has pledged free access for students at home until May 1st, although their emails said July 1st.
  • Working with FCLT and Event Services on unified support system. Event Services uses our Help Desk software, and wants more expanded features. FCLT reached out to ask for a ticket tracking system. All three (IT Help Desk, FCLT, and Event Services) want direct Outlook integration for seamless integration and support processes, and for automated workflows.
  • Remote file access – OneDrive is our solution for file access. IT has enabled “Known Folder Move” (KFM) so user’s documents, desktop folder, and pictures automatically get sync’ed to “the cloud”. It is not a backup, but it does prevent file loss due to hardware failure. This was turned on for ALL loaner laptops.
  • Automation of software via Jamf and InTune – macOS users (who enrolled before leaving campus) can now self-service for software installation. 
  • Occasionally, checking in on the IT Buildings, 23 and 23A, via the Stadium Project Camera.



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