Mt. SAC embraces shared governance with campus committees that function as Governance, Operational, Academic Senate, and College committees. Committee representatives are selected by each of the appropriate campus groups and students. Learn more about our committees here.

Governance Committees

Governance committees participate in the short and long term global planning of the college and make recommendations about rules, procedures, direction, and processes.

Committee Webpage Purpose and Function Statement
Accreditation Steering Committee Link Link
Budget Committee Link Link
Campus Equity and Diversity Committee Link Link
Career Technical Education Advisory Committee (C-TEAC) Link Link
Climate Commitment Implementation Committee Link Link
Facilities Advisory Committee Link Link
Information Technology Advisory Committee Link Link
Institutional Effectiveness Committee Link Link
President's Advisory Council Link Link
Professional Development Council Link Link

Operational Committees

Operational committees participate in planning of individual departments or cross-department groups and make recommendations affecting local projects and operations.

Committee Webpage Purpose and Function Statement
Board of Appeals Committee Link Not required
Classified Professional Development Committee Link  Not required
Employee Wellness Committee  Link Link
Health and Safety Committee Link Link
Homelessness and Basic Resources Committee Link Link
Institutional Review Board Link Not required
Insurance Committee Link Not required
International Student Program Advisory Committee Link Not required
Management Professional Development Committee Link Not required
Professional Relations Committee Link  Not required
Scholarship Committee Link Not required
Senate Events Planning Committee Link Not required
VOICES Committee Link Link

Academic Senate Governance Committees

Academic Senate committees make recommendations about academic and professional matters.

Committee Webpage Purpose and Function Statement
Basic Skills Coordinating Committee Link Link
Curriculum and Instruction Council Link Link
Distance Learning Committee Link Link
Educational Design Committee Link Link
Equivalency Committee Link Not required
Faculty Professional Development Committee Link Not required
Outcomes Committee Link Link
Student Equity Committee Link Link
Student Preparation and Success Council Link Link
Student Success and Support Program Advisory Committee (SSSPAC) Link Link

Other Committees

Committee Webpage 
Banner Steering Committee (defunct) Link 
Master Plan Steering Task Force Link
Salary and Leaves Committee Link