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Welcome to Mt. SAC Sustainability

This website highlights Mt. San Antonio College's commitment to foster a campuswide culture of sustainability. Join us as we move forward in this effort through environmentally focused academic programs, implementation of sustainable systems and practices in our facilities, and our efforts to create awareness and educate our students, faculty, and community about Mt. SAC's commitment to environmental stewardship.

Climate Action Plan

By signing on as signatories of the ACUPCC, Mt. SAC committed to the development of a comprehensive Climate Action Plan to lower net greenhouse gas emissions campus-wide. As signatories, the college is required to maintain its plan under the following standards:

  • Complete an annual greenhouse gas emissions inventory and make it publicly available. 
  • Complete a Climate Action Plan and update it at least every 5 years.
  • Complete and submit annual progress reports on Climate Action Plan implementation.
  • Integrate sustainability into the curriculum and make it part of the educational experience.

2018 Climate Action Plan

Complete Plan (PDF)   (A large file -- 62 MB) 

Mounties & the community!

Student organizations expand Mt. SAC's commitment to sustainability. These include:


The Campus Sustainability Tour

Mt SAC Initiatives and Commitments


 Social Media

 Sustainability Tour at Mt. SAC

Student Sustainability Awards Contest

Sustainable Demonstration Garden