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Mapping and Catalog Committee


The Mapping & Catalog Committee supports the District’s effort for providing an online and printed PDF version of the catalog which clearly articulates course sequences for students, identifies critical progress milestones for student success, and makes this information easily accessible. The committee will work collaboratively to address gaps related to navigation of Mt. SAC programs from entry to completion. The committee will review initiatives relating to program navigation, catalog rights, and related practices and support communication of these initiatives to faculty, staff, and students.


  • Recommend the development and timely maintenance of program maps and program data, to align program maps with curriculum changes.
  • Systematically review and recommend policies and procedures to support accurate, consistent, and timely mapping based on catalog schedule timeline.
  • Review online and printed access to maps and College catalog, and recommend content that is relevant and appropriate for Mt. SAC student users.
  • Evaluate and make recommendations regarding functionality, accessibility, of the online catalog for use by all users.
  • Recommend incorporation of relevant and accurate information on employment and further education opportunities targeted by each program map.
  • Recommend communication of information to the campus community related to the purpose of this committee.
  • Evaluate how students progress through program maps and utilize the catalog and make recommendations related to the research.
  • Address mapping related matters in collaboration with stakeholders.

Committee Members

Position Name Term
Faculty Mapping Coordinator (Co-Chair) Vacant Ongoing
Dean of Instruction (Co-Chair) Vacant Ongoing
GPS Counseling Coordinator Sara Mestas Ongoing
GPS Instruction Coordinator Shiloh Blacksher  Ongoing
Articulation Officer Jamaika Fowler Ongoing
Provost, School of Continuing Education Jody Fernando 3 Year Term
School of Continuing Education Mapping Coordinator Michael Ngo Ongoing
Research & Institutional Effectiveness (Non-Voting) Marcell Gilmore Ongoing
Admissions & Records Evaluator (appointed by Dean of Enrollment) Becky Wang 3 Year Term
Arts Faculty Sunil Thankamushy 2 Year Term
Business Faculty Anthony Henry 3 Year Term
Humanities & Social Sciences Faculty Barbara Mezaki 1 Year Term
Kinesiology, Athletics & Dance Faculty Robert Purcell 2 Year Term
Library & Learning Resources Faculty Vacant  
Natural Sciences Faculty Vacant  
School of Continuing Education Faculty Lorena Velazquez 3 Year Term
Technology & Health Faculty Vacant  
Student Representative Vacant  
Credit Curriculum Specialist (or designee) (Non- Voting) Irene Pinedo Ongoing
Noncredit Curriculum Specialist (Non-Voting) Lesley Cheng Ongoing
Curriculum Specialist I Reyna Casas  
Marketing Manager or Designee John Lewallen  
Curriculum Liaison Kristina Allende  
Systems Analys/Programmer Caron Gomes  
Assistant Curriculum Liaison Dianne Rowley  
Instruction Business Analyst Pedro Suarez  
Assistant Director, Web and Portal Services Eric Turner  
Information Technology representative (Non-Voting) Matt Bidart Ongoing
Director, Strong Workforce Initiatives Dejah Swingle Ongoing
Marketing Manager or designee (Non-Voting) TBD Ongoing
ACCESS Faculty Vacant