Guided Pathways to Success Cross Council Committee


The purpose of the Guided Pathways to Success Cross-Council Committee is to guide short and long term global planning, make recommendations, and coordinate implementation of the Guided Pathways framework at Mt. SAC. This equity-based framework is designed to transform how the college community identifies and responds to the needs of all students to support their success which includes recommendations on the planning, assessment, policies, procedures, and activities leading students to clarify a path, enter the pathway, stay on the path, and support learning to meet their goals. This work is accomplished through cross-council communication, collaboration, and cooperation with other existing committees and work-related assignments.  


  1. Coordinate inclusive and systematic efforts in Guided Pathways activities through shared governance to bring the College to scale for the essential practices indicated on the Scale of Adoption Self-Assessment.  
  2. Identify and recommend methods and opportunities for the campus community to utilize the Guided Pathways framework to deliberately focus campus planning and facilitate actionable outcomes towards implementation at scale.
  3. Monitor the integration of Guided Pathways essential practices through metrics and benchmarks.   
  4. Gather cross-campus input, compile, and submit the Scale of Adoption Self-Assessment report to the State Chancellors Office.  
  5. Coordinate and communicate the work of existing committees doing Guided Pathways work, plans, activities, and communicate progress to the campus community.  
  6. Disseminate successful practices and opportunities to support the integration of Guided Pathways with the educational community at large.  
  7. Review and make recommendations to Academic Senate and President’s Advisory Council PAC regarding the processes for Guided Pathways budget and planning, and participate in the development of the budget based on agreed upon priorities in the Guided Pathway Scale of Adoption Self-Assessment.  
  8. Support campus-wide collaboration and encourage an interdependent college culture that promotes student success.  
  9. Utilize Guided Pathways research to identify core strengths, limitations, and ways to leverage information to improve student success.  

Membership Meeting Times

Committee Type Co-Chairs Meeting Schedule Location Time
Governance &  
Academic Senate  
  • Sylvia Ruano
  • Michelle Nava
  • Elmer Rodriguez Anzora
3rd Tuesday of the month during the Fall and Spring Semesters   Online