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CORRECTION: Classes in Building 26A, 26B and *26D* have been canceled for the rest of the day. Those buildings will reopen Thursday, Sept. 21. An earlier notice mistakenly listed 26C instead of 26D. See college email for details on mental health resources available.

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Curriculum and Instruction Council


The purpose of the Curriculum and Instruction Council is to make recommendations about educational design and delivery policies and procedures to the Academic Senate.


  1. Recommend and assess academic policies, procedures, and guidelines related to curriculum; the granting of credit, degree, certificate, and general education requirements; and other related issues such as Administrative Procedures.
  2. Review and make recommendations regarding the appropriateness and need of proposed credit and noncredit programs and courses within programs.
  3. Review and make recommendations regarding fee-based offerings.
  4. Recommend instructional priorities for the College.
  5. Review and forward recommendations from Distance Learning Committee, Content Review Committee, Equivalency Committee, and Outcomes Committee to the Academic Senate.
  6. Review and recommend associate degree requirements, CSU general education certification, and IGETC requirements.
  7. Review and forward course and program recommendations from the Educational Design Committee and Transfer and General Education Subcommittee to the Board of Trustees.
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Office of Instruction 

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Building 4-2440
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