Divisions and Departments

As a large not-for-profit organization, Mt. San Antonio College is made up of several administrative departments and academic divisions. All of these groups work together to ensure the college's stability and our students' success. To learn more about a specific division, click on the Organization Chart or one of the links below.

Administrative Services

Our Administrative Services Division provides numerous crucial services to the college -- everything from construction to operations to custodial services to IT to the Department of Police and Campus Safety. 


Human Resources

The Human Resources staff recruits and retains our highly skilled and talented faculty and staff members. The HR team is responsive to the changing needs of our community and committed to the excellent education Mt. SAC provides. 




Our Instruction division works on a variety of initiatives with one goal in mind: provide the academic excellence Mt. SAC has come to be known for. This team includes our faculty, staff, administration, and everyone in our academic departments. They ensure that the college has all the tools it needs to provide a high-quality education using the most up-to-date curriculum and state-of-the-art tools.

Student Services

Mt. SAC's Student Services division is responsible for providing our students with the programs, clubs, activities, and support programs they need and want in a college. This team helps students in any way they can, whether it's helping a student to enroll, apply for financial aid, or transfer to a university.


School of Continuing Education

The Mt. SAC School of Continuing Education (SCE) offers low and no-cost programs to adults and youth for life improvement, college preparation, or career advancement. There are six distinct SCE programs that serve the Mt. SAC community: Adult Basic Education, Adults with Disabilities (IMPACT Program), Community Education (fee-based or by contract), Education for Older Adults, English as a Second Language, and Short-term Vocational Education. The School of Continuing Education is also a member of the Regional Consortium for Adult Education.