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Tech & Health Division

Welding Program

Tech & Health Division

Health Careers: Mental Health, Respiratory, Radiology, Nursing

Tech & Health Division

Aircraft Maintenance Department

Tech & Health Division

Public Safety Programs: Administration of Justice, Fire Tech, EMT, Paramedic

Tech & Health Division

Electronics Department

Tech & Health Division

Architecture Program

Tech & Health Division

Fire Tech Program

Technology and Health

The Technology and Health Division provides 8 Bachelor's degrees through university partnerships, 24 Associate in Science degrees, one Associate in Science for Transfer degree, and 31 certificates in both occupational and vocational programs in the areas of technology, public safety, and health care.

Programs are driven by industry needs and many are governed by state and national accreditation agencies. The Technology provides student support services in the Health Careers Resource Center (HCRC) and the Technology Education Resource Center (TERC).

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Our Goals

  • Draw students to our programs
  • Enable our students to move through our programs successfully and efficiently
  • Provide our students with industry-valued skills
  • Provide our students with clear paths to bachelor's degrees and employment
  • Maintain connections with our alumni

Need tutoring Assistance?

The Tech Ed Resource Center (TERC) offers basic math, reading, writing, research methods, and study skills to all students enrolled in Career Technical Education (CTE) Programs and courses. Students are encouraged to drop in and receive assistance with faculty and tutors or study independently or in groups. Learn More

Our Deans

  • Sam Agdasi
  • Sarah Plesetz
    Associate Dean
Tech & Health Division

8:30 A.M. - 5:00 P.M.
Building 28A-101E
(909) 274-4750