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Office of Instruction (OI) 

    • Office of Instruction: Open Office Hours 

      The Office of Instruction is committed to fostering a climate of collaboration, transparency, and communication. To support these efforts, I am excited to announce that the Office of Instruction will host open Office Hours starting this month. These office hours will provide an opportunity to come and discuss any questions, concerns, ideas, or celebrations with VPI Kelly Fowler. Appointments are unnecessary and will be on a first-come, first-served basis. If others are waiting, please keep the discussion to no more than 10 minutes. The in-person Office Hours will be held in the Office of Instruction, Building 4-2465, and via Zoom for the virtual Office Hours. In addition, the details of the Office of Instruction Office Hours can be found on the Office of Instruction website.

      Upcoming open Office Hours for February/March 2024

      All virtual meetings will be held using the following Zoom link:

      If you would like to meet with VPI Kelly Fowler and these times are not convenient for you, please contact Laura Martinez, x5414, to schedule a meeting time. 

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  • Kelly Fowler                                          Vice President, Instruction 
    Building 4- Room 2465
    (909) 274-5414
  • Meghan Chen, PhD                            Associate Vice President, Instruction 
    Building 4- Room 2465
    (909) 274-5140
  • Sylvia Ruano
    Dean, Instruction 
    Building 4- Room 2465
    (909) 274-5480                              





Office of Instruction

7:30 A.M. - 4:30 P.M. Monday through Friday 
Building  4-2465
(909) 274-4200