Welcome to Budgeting and Fiscal Resources

The Budget/Categorical Programs/Audit division provides the College with a broad range of services and functions that are aimed at enhancing the overall experience and work environment for Mt. SAC students, faculty, and staff respectively.  The Budget function is responsible for the development, maintenance, and oversight of District-wide budgets.  The Categorical Program function is responsible for assisting with the financial reporting and monitoring of the budgets and accounting transactions for grants and categorical programs, restricted funds, financial aid, bond program, and fixed assets.  In addition, this area is responsible for the accounting function of the Auxiliary Services (Food Services), self-supporting programs (Athletics, Art Gallery, Community Services, and Associated Students), and trust and agency accounts.  The Audit function is responsible for providing fiscal accountability through the oversight of the annual District financial audit, bond audit, and other financial audits for restricted programs. 

 At the center of everything we do is customer service.  It is our goal to provide training and assistance regarding budget and reporting, and communicate information in a clear and concise manner to faculty, staff, and administrators for all of our functions.