Mission Statement

The mission of Mt. San Antonio College is to support and empower all students in achieving their educational goals in an environment of academic excellence. Specifically, the College is committed to providing quality education, services, and workforce training, empowering students to attain success in an ever-evolving diverse, sustainable, global society. The College pledges to serve students so they may achieve their full educational potential for lifelong learning, for attaining certificates and associate and bachelor's degrees, for employment, and for the completion of career and transfer pathways.  The College will carry out this commitment by providing an engaging and supportive teaching and learning environment for students of diverse origins, experiences, needs, abilities, and goals.  The College is dedicated to serving our community through improving economic achievement; advancing civic engagement and environmental responsibility; enhancing personal and social well-being; developing information and technological literacy, communication, and critical thinking; and enriching aesthetic and cultural experiences.

Vision Statement

Mt. San Antonio College strives to be a fully student-centered and welcoming campus that provides our diverse community an educational experience which is anti-racist, integrated, connected, and technologically advanced with unique and distinguished programs in an expansive and sustainable environment.  We will devote energy, thoughtfulness, and passion to provide leadership in community college teaching, programs, and services.  We will provide quality educational programs and support services by advancing student achievement and equity within a climate of integrity and respect through our core values.  We will consistently exceed the expectations of our students, our staff, and our community.

Core Values

  • Integrity:  We treat each other honestly, ethically, and respectfully in an atmosphere of trust.
  • Equity and Diversity:  We value diversity in all aspects of the human condition.  We pursue equity by empowering each person to achieve their success.
  • Community Building:  We collaborate in responsible partnerships through open communication, caring, and a cooperative spirit.
  • Student Focus:  We address the basic human and academic development needs of students and the community both in our planning and in our actions.
  • Social Justice:  We serve the whole person by choosing restorative justice over discipline, offering wellness and behavioral support instead of exclusion, and actively creating an atmosphere of safety and support.
  • Anti-racism:  We are actively and unapologetically anti-racist in all aspects of our work.
  • Accessibility:  We embrace universal design to ensure our campus and services can be utilized by people of all abilities.
  • Lifelong Learning:  We promote the continuing pursuit of learning through equal access to high-quality teaching and support services.
  • Positive Spirit:  We work harmoniously, show empathy, and take pride in our work.
  • Effective Stewardship:  We maintain and improve the institution and environment by efficiently using resources of time, talent, facilities, and funds.
  • Sustainability:  We value environmentally conscious practices,  and prioritize the planning and implementation of activities that improve the environment.

Approved by the Board of Trustees on September 14, 2022

College Strategic Priorities

Priority 1 : Advance and foster an equitable, diverse, inclusive, just, and anti-racist campus culture that empowers our community to make positive change in society. 

Priority 2: Further develop, facilitate, and maintain a physically and emotionally safe and accessible campus environment.

Priority 3: Develop and expand strategies for communication about opportunities for students that support retention, persistence, and success.  

Priority 4: Effectively coordinate human, physical, technology, and financial resources to improve student accessibility, growth, and academic success.

Priority 5: Embed environmental, social, and economic sustainability into the work and decision-making processes of all areas of campus.

Priority 6: Ensure open and authentic communication and coordination among stakeholders to support achievement of all College goals. 


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