Introduction to the Presenter's Guides

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Philosophy for Professional Development

Employees are the fundamental resource of our robust professional development program, including paid or reassigned staff and faculty as well as volunteers who serve as trainers and facilitators as part of their service to the college.
(Professional Development Plan, 2022-20224, p. 3)

  • The college will support all employees with meaningful, relevant, and ongoing opportunities for professional growth that contribute to a vibrant workforce
  • A wide variety of collegially planned learning opportunities that are aligned with the Mt. SAC mission, strategic goals, and the personal professional development goals of employees will be provided
  • All employees share a collective responsibility for student learning and will be supported in developing and implementing new and effective approaches to achieving student success
  • Learning activities will use adult learning principles, be grounded in contemporary learning theory, and emphasize best practices in higher education professional learning
  • Participants will experience learning outcome-based program design and assessments in professional development activities
  • Professional learning planning will reflect the learning needs of employees within the institution and be as dynamic as possible in responding to those needs
  • Achievement in professional learning will be recognized and celebrated
  • Professional learning designs will be diverse, research-based, and have an emphasis on the active engagement of employees
  • Professional learning will take place within a culture of collaboration in which employees have opportunities to work together