Learning Materials Accessibility

As you prepare for your event in partnership with POD, the following items will provide guidance as you determine the needs for your presentation.
Pay careful attention to the timeline as multiple action items will be time sensitive. Your POD liaison will provide guidance throughout the process.

In accordance with college policies and procedures, accessibility documents refer to “The design of products, devices, services or environments to ensure all people have access regardless of their mental and physical abilities.”

Please see resources below for additional information, or how-to tutorials.

Learning Materials:
Timeline: 4 weeks in advance of event date

  • Identify learning materials needed
    • Are hard or electronic copies being used?
      • Who will provide the materials?
      • Are they in an accessible format?
      • Are materials ready or will need to be ordered?
        • Who will order?
          • What is funding source?
            • Provide account string information

Your assigned POD liaison will provide updates and confer with you throughout the process, please reach out to them directly about your event. For general questions, call 909/274-4504 or reach us via email,

We look forward to working alongside you to create and support your event.