Online Presentation Preparation

As you prepare for your event in partnership with POD, the following items will provide guidance as you determine the needs for your presentation. Pay careful attention to the timeline as multiple action items will be time sensitive. Your POD liaison will provide guidance throughout the process.

POD will create the Zoom session which coincides with Pod Connect registration.

Zoom Sessions

  • Session created by POD & related information sent to presenter(s)
    • Confirm the name, date and time of your Zoom session is accurate
      • If not, contact POD at 909/274-4504 or via email,
    • Confirm that your co-presenter(s) have received the Zoom link
      • Co-host will receive their link when the session is created.
      • Remember that recordings are only allowable if all attendees agree.


  • Request run-through (practice) date, if applicable
  • Log-in to Zoom 48 hours before session to confirm link is active
  • Log-in to the session 15 minutes before start time to conduct tech check and prepare materials/tools
  • Prepare polls & breakout rooms ahead of time (when possible)
  • Confirm video optimization & closed captioning
  • Large events: Confirm ASL Interpreters have been sourced; Zoom link and “run-of-event” has been provided/shared
  • Large events over 300 must be run as webinars: Request/Confirm simultaneous streaming, if applicable

Your assigned POD liaison will provide updates and confer with you throughout the process, please reach out to them directly for questions about your event. For general questions, call 909/274-4504 or reach us via email,

We look forward to working alongside you to create and support your event.