PHOTO EPIC - Fall '22 Begins

A student couple hold hands walking with line for student IDs in the background

August 29, 2022 - 02:37 PM

A student studiesThe Fall 2022-23 school year is off and running, and the barren campus over the summer has come back to life with tens of thousands of students returning to in-person classes, using labs and resources, or just finding a place to study. 

Students posing for photoIf there is one thing that does not change over the years, it's our photogenic students.Smiling students pose for photos. Nursing students smile for photoStudents smile for photoStudents smile for photo

Students posing for photo

They are always ready for a pic, no matter what circumstances life may throw at them. 

For many of our students, this is the first time they have been in-person for school since the pandemic began.

Masked students posing for photo

Neither masks, nor vaccines are required this semester, but many students will still mask up when indoors and around groups of people. 



Students pose in front of the Student Center construction site

The center of campus is still a giant construction site for the upcoming Student Center, due in 2023.

The upcoming Gym & Aquatics Center, on the south side of campus, is coming along nicely, as well. 

The Gym & Acquatics Center under construction

The other major construction project on the north side of campus, the upcoming Transit Center, can now be walked over from the Gateway Parking Structure,  making it the most convenient parking for many buildings on the main campus.  Students walk across Pedestrian Bridge

There are plenty of spaces available in both the Gateway Structure and the Champion Structure, a stone's throw away, down Bonita Ave.Trucks pulls out of Gateway Structure with sign showing hundreds of spaces available

Campus safety officer writes vehicle a parking ticket. Come September 6, parking permits will be required for students. 

Mt. SAC is a big campus and students would be wise to wear their walking shoes. 

Students walk in front of the Business Division building 77.

Students will find a convenience store located on the first floor of building 77.

The Campus Map will definitely be  your friend.Students look at the campus map

DIY campus map holderYou will find them all over, or right here on the website or on the Mountie App

Info booth staff hands out PlannerIt's also in the Student Planners being handed out at the Information Booths and Student Services. 

Mt. SAC has a wide variety of Student Services, from accessibility to financial aid, that will help with the academic journey. You will find those in the 9 buildings, with 9B holding a lot of them. Be sure to check it out. Students using the Student Services resourcesSome students, with classes across campus, use a variety of ways to get around. Who can blame them?  (Left) student with his e-bike. (Right) Motorized scooter is locked up.

Ryan Lau on his cartIndustrial Design and Engineering student, Ryan Lau built this sweet little remote-control cart himself to haul his equipment and supplies around. 

Student with skateboard sits in the shade Temps were in the 90s for the first week of school. Even with a skateboard, you will want to find some shade to take a break.



Students sit on beach towels on a lawn.



Mt. SAC has a lot of lawns, perfect for rest. These students came prepared. 

Student on her tablet outside of the Bldg. 61 convenience store.


Another convenience store is located on the bottom floor of building 61, across from the Administration building, where students pay their fees. 

Students pose with their burgers at the Mountie CafeWhile the Mountie CafĂ© is the place to go for a burger, pizza and other hot food. Some students just like the tables for studying. 

A sutudent on his laptop in the LibraryThe Library is a great place to rest and study: always air conditioned and plenty of resources that you will need. 

Student on her laptop with rows of books in the backgroundThe Library's vast physical and online collections  are bound to come in handy.  You can also get a paper printed there or reserve a private room for group study. 

There are a wide array of spots and centers all across campus to get your work done. This is the STEM Center on the third floor of building 61. Students study in the STEM Center

Student studies in unusual circular alcove at the STEM Center

It's newly remodeled and has a lot of cool features. Look for a full story on it in the future here at the Newsroom.  

Student studies with her laptop plugged in hallway


All it really takes is an electrical outlet for students to find a place to study. 

And now... it's off to class!Students on stairs going to class

Student works on his sculpture


Life Sculpture class got their hands dirty on the very first day. Students create their sculptures of man sitting

A Non-Credit Certified Nursing Assistant class used each other to practice medical care tasks. Students practice putting on compressions socks and lifting patients onto their feet

Horticulture students learn in classrooms, as well as by working at the farm.Horticulture students work the facilities at the farm

Our farm has a plant side, and an animal side, with different programs available for each. Student poses in front of sheep

We bet these students were happy they took swimming.  Swimmers in the pool

The Kinesiology division also runs the Athletic programs. Our 2022-23 state champion Women's Softball team is getting ready for their upcoming season, which will begin in the Spring. Women's Softball team practices

The IMPACT program prepares students for employment, living independently, participating in college life, and community involvement.IMPACT class

These students are about to learn the History of Rock (music that is).Students in History of Rock Music class). 

Smiling students posing for photo

Mt. SAC welcomes all of our new and returning students with open arms. We wish them a great school year ahead and Smiling student posing for photohope they keep their head up and smile in the on position!