Vacuum-formed remote-control car shell.

Vacuum-Forming Machine

Student sketching design concept

Student sketching design concept

Student Fabricating a CNC Router

Student Fabricating CNC Router

Student using a vertical milling machine

Vertical Milling Machine

Student MIG welding a frame for a CNC router


Student using metal lathe

Metal Lathe

Student constructing a SolidWorks CAD model



Dream it. Design it. Draft it. Build it.

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This program only accepts new students during the Fall semester.

New students MUST register for IDE 110, IDE 120, IDE 130 during Fall enrollment. *

The Industrial Design Engineering program is an accelerated four semester program that focuses on product design, CAD, engineering, hands on fabrication and manufacturing.  Students in the IDE program learn how to take an idea and make it into a prototype ready for manufacturing.  Students take 3 courses per semester. Students in the IDE program are guaranteed enrollment in all four semesters. Graduates are able to transfer to universities or obtain entry level jobs in the design and manufacturing field. Upon completion of the program, Graduates receive an Associates of Science Degree or 3 Technical Certificates.**

* Note: Students with prior experience may be able to receive credit for some of or all of the first semester courses and enroll in the second (Spring) semester based on college transcripts and portfolio. Contact Professor Stephen James (; 909-274-5214) to discuss your individual situation.

** The IDE A.S. degree certificate requires the completion of IDE coursework and general education requirements.

SolidWorks Certification at Mt SAC

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Industrial Design Engineering Program

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