Pedestrian Bridge Over Temple Ave. Opens for Use

Pedestrian Bridge entrance from parking

August 23, 2022 - 04:18 PM

Students waves to campus officers on way over Pedestrian BridgeA very convenient surprise awaited students returning the first day of Fall semester to campus: the Pedestrian Bridge, linking the northern and southern parts of campus, over Temple Ave., is now open for use to students. 

The fully-covered bridge travels from the Gateway Parking Structure, over Temple Ave. and takes students right into the heart of campus.Student smiles while Pedestrian Bridge travels over his head

Students exit Pedestrian BridgeStudents will arrive right next to the Health Careers and ESL buildings of 66, 67A and 67B to the right, as well as the 27 Exercise and Wellness Center complex on the left. The Business division buildings of 77,78, and 79 are directly in front of students crossing over, and the 26 buildings (with the clock tower) of the Students walk across the Pedestrian BridgeHumanities are a short walk to the left.

A project manager with Tilden-Coil Constructors, the construction firm building the project, said their crew rushed to clean the site up to ensure students had this convenient method of parking and accessing the campus on the first day of the Fall semester. 

Student on Pedestrian Bridge with construction crew in background Tilden-Coil still have about 6 months of work on the bridge, but it may be used by students during this time. Also in construction, below the bridge, will be a Transit Center, that will be a depot for Foothill Transit buses and include bike storage. That project is being funded through grants Foothill Transit received. 

Cars use the EV charging stations in the Gateway Parking Structure

For students wanting to use the Gateway Parking Structure, that facility's second and third stories are open to students, with plenty of parking and charging stations for Electric Vehicles (EV).