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Global Pals Application


Welcome to the Global Pals Application form.

Application period:
Fall 2021: August 23 - September 24

How to Join Global Pals:
  1. Student must be currently attending Mt. SAC
  2. Student must be able to commit to attending Orientation.
  3. Students must be able to commit to 4 Friday Global Pal Events (occurring once a month during the semester).
  4. Complete & submit this Global Pals application form.
Fall 2021 - All events are tentatively schedule for in-person field trips

If you do not have a U.S. phone number leave this question blank.

Are you enrolled in and currently attending Mt. SAC classes?
Are you a F1 Visa International Student?

A F-1 Visa International Student is a student studying at Mt. SAC on a foreign student visa.

Examples: EOPS, MEChA, ASPIRE, History Club, International Student Club, REACH, ect.

Are you available to attend the Mandatory Orientation?

Global Pals Orientation Fall 2021 - Friday, October 1

Can you commit to attend 4 Friday Global Pals Events in the Fall 2021 Semester?

Dates: October 4 &15, November 5 & 12, December 3

Examples: vegetarian or vegan

Please select one group you would like to participate in