F-1 Exit Form

All F-1students who are exiting Mt. SAC are required to complete this “exit form.” The information contained in this form will be used by the Admissions Office.

Section A
Do you wish to share your mailing information with Mt. SAC Alumni Services
Section B

U.S. Mailing Address: (No work or P.O. Box addresses please)

Home Country Mailing Address: (No work or P.O. Box addresses please)

Section C
Ae you leaving Mt. SAC prior to completing your academic program?

If you answered "No" above, please go to Section D of this form.

If you answered "Yes" above, what is your reason for leaving prior to your program completion?
Section D
Type of Degree

At the conclusion of an academic program, F-1s have 60 days to leave the US, start another academic program or begin Optional Practical Training. Please state your future plans below.

Future Plans
Signature of Approval
Additional Comments

Student Comment Section: We would like to hear any comments about your college experience that might help us improve our services to International Students.  Please let us know.  Thank you