Tutoring Centers Information for Faculty

Consider using the information below as a handout, an addition to your syllabus, or as part of your online resources to let students know about tutoring services.

Tutoring and Academic Support:

There are several places on campus that provide tutoring and other academic help. Contact a center directly or stop by to find out more about their services.

Academic Support and Achievement Center
Bldg. 6-101
909 274.6605
MARC (Math 50-71)
Bldg. 61-1318
909 274.5014
The Writing Center
Bldg. 26B-1561A
909 274.5325
T-MARC (Math 100-285)
Bldg. 61-1314
909 274.5389
Online tutoring (available for Math, Science, and Writing):
ACES Program Tutoring
Bldg. 16B
909 274.4411
EOPS Tutoring
Bldg. 6-108
909 274.4690
Speech and Sign Success Center
Bldg. 26B-1551
909 274.6297
WIN Program for Student Athletes
Bldg. 45-1403
909 274.4239
American Language Tutoring
Bldg. 66-243
909 274.3432
Language Learning Center
Bldg. 6-264
909 274.4580