Campus Language Tutoring

Mt. SAC has many tutoring resources available at no charge for registered students.  New resources are constantly being developed, so make sure to check the College web pages for updates.

American Language (AMLA) Tutoring

AMLA Tutoring is for students in all American Language (credit ESL) classes. Tutors are certificated teachers of English as a Second Language.

Bldg 66-243 and Bldg 26B-1561A Writing Center (Behind the Wall Clock)
(909) 274-3432


Language Learning Center (LLC)

The LLC offers a wide variety of language learning materials for independent study, such as software, videos, recording equipment and other resources supplementing in-class textbooks and instruction.
Materials are available for AMLA, Arabic, Chinese, ESL, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Sign Language, and Spanish.


Academic Support and Achievement Center (LAC) Tutorial Services

The ASAC Tutoring provides one-on-one and group tutoring in multiple subjects, including math, writing, languages, science, and business. Students can drop in or make an appointment to see a tutor.
Tutorial Services also offers online tutoring in math and science courses.


The Writing Center

The Writing Center offers individual tutoring and group workshops that will improve your writing skills and help you with your assignments. The Writing Center’s computer lab features online software and Directed Learning Activities to help students develop their grammar and writing skills. Students can also write their papers and prepare presentations using the software in the lab.
 Bldg 26B-1561A (Behind the Wall Clock)
(909) 274-5325