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Research & Institutional Effectiveness

The Research and Institutional Effectiveness (RIE) Office supports the mission of the college by providing accurate, timely, and reliable information to respond to the research needs of the various institutional constituencies. The Research and Institutional Effectiveness (RIE) office is primarily a research office with cohort tracking functions as well as reporting.

RIE is composed of high-level researchers and planners who support the College Mission by determining and documenting the effectiveness of programs, services, and the institution in order to foster continuous quality improvement. RIE uses a collaborative inquiry approach that entails deep conversations with stakeholders about their program/services in order to use appropriate research and planning techniques to measure effectiveness and report on it. Our biggest projects include Integrated Planning, Guided Pathways, Basic Skills, New Funding Formula, and Student Equity. Do you have a question about your students? Drop by to see how we may help you and your students! Read further for more details about our work and how we help student success.

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What we do and how we do it
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Instrusive Research SupportRIE researchers provide the knowledge and expertise in their collaborative inquiry work with stakeholders to advise and guide them on their research methodologies and reporting.
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Changing LandscapeMt. San Antonio College (Mt. SAC) continues its engagement in data driven decision making as a result of both the campus culture requiring it as well as outside (external) agencies requiring it (e.g., Guided Pathways).
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Increased Demand for ServicesThe more the campus understands what RIE can do for them, the more they request our services. This is fantastic as well as challenging. The increased requests for services requires strong project management to be able to adjust and re-adjust the researchers’ project load.


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