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Welcome to the LLC Spring 2022! Check out our contest leader boards below.

Language Learning Center (LLC)

  • Virtual LLC

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    Week 13- SPRING 2022

    Leaders - 

    Language Partners logo


    1. Tie: Breana Rivera & Amy Lam (JP), Kae Ly & Taylor Lim (JP), Matthew Sosa & Long Le (JP), Tzu-Hsin Chen & Ako Choudhry (JP), and Megan Romasanta & Laura Alvarado (JP)
    2. TBD
    3. TBD

    Language Partners


    Rosetta Stone World Languages

    1. Dieter Jimaano (JP)
    2. Juli Ramirez (IT)
    3. Yuliana Perez (IT)

    Rosetta Stone World Languages


    Spanish Pass Logo

    1. Matt Oakman
    2. Michelle Huang
    3. Tie: Alejandra Arce-Guzman & Tiffanny Trinh

    Spanish DLA Tutoring

  • LLC Contests

    • Rosetta Stone World Languages
    • Rosetta Stone English
    • English SDLA Tutoring
    • Spanish DLA Tutoring
    • Language Partners

    Leaders - 

    Rosetta Stone English - Leaders

    1. Jianmin Sheng
    2. Mike Miao
    3. Raisa Shahid


    Rosetta Stone English


    English Tutoring in LLC - Leaders

    1. Tina Liu (ESL 6)
    2. Even Lin (VESL 2)
    3. Bella Wang (ESL 5)

    English Tutoring SDLAs


Contact Us

Spring 2022
February 22-June 3
M-Th  8:00am-8:00pm
F 8:00am-4:00pm
Sa-Su  Closed

The LLC will be open on-campus and online in the Virtual LLC.

Building 77-1005
(909) 274-4580 (Messages left at this number will be answered as soon as possible.)

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Frequently Asked Questions

    • The LLC
      • Where is the LLC?
          • The LLC is in building 77 room 1005.
      • Who does the lab serve?
          • Mt. SAC students studying American Language (AmLa), Arabic, English as a Second Language (ESL), Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish, and Sign Language (ASL).
      • What type of materials do you have?
          • Language learning software programs such as Rosetta Stone and Mango Languages; homework sites, educational videos, and DVDs. These programs can help you with listening, speaking, and reading skills.
      • What are your facilities?
          • The Smart Lab for instructors and their classes, the Open Lab for independent study, and an ESL tutoring room.
    • Lab Usage
      • Who can use the lab?
          • Any student with a Mt. SAC ID. You do not need to be enrolled in a language class to use the lab; however, you must study a language.
      • How can I register for the LLC?
          • Registration is free with your Mt. SAC student ID.
      • Can I use the LLC without being enrolled in a language class?
          • Yes, you can register in the LLC under Continuing Education. It is recommended that students without a current language class use the LLC to review the language(s) they have studied.
      • Do I have Wi-Fi access?
          • Yes, you have access Wi-Fi through your portal login credentials.
      • Can I access the lab from home?
          • Yes and no. There are some programs that you can access from home, and there are others that are available in the lab only.
    • Programs and Resources
      • Which resources do you offer?
          • Language learning software programs such as Rosetta Stone, Mango, Native Accent Pronunciation, Focus on Grammar; homework sites, educational videos, and DVDs. We also offer the Passport Rewards program. Our resources help you with your listening,speaking, reading, and writing skills.
      • What is the Passport Rewards (PR) Program?
          • The LLC acknowledges your learning achievements on a weekly basis. You will receive digital Stamps (like the badges you get for playing online games) on your online passport! There are three branches under PR: Language Partners, Rosetta Stone/Rosetta Stone Advantage, and LLC Tutoring. Winners are announced at the end of Week 7 and Week 14.
      • What is Language Partners (LP)?
          • LP matches you with another student to practice the same language or two different languages on a regular basis to improve your speaking skills in the target language. Meet people and learn at the same time!
      • What is Rosetta Stone?
          • They are language-learning software programs. When you apply to Passport Rewards, we will create a Rosetta Stone (foreign languages) or a Rosetta Stone Advantage (ESL/AmLa) account for your personal use.
      • What is English SDLA Tutoring?
          • We currently offer ESL tutoring at the LLC. You can complete and review SDLAs (Self-Directed Learning Activities) such as Visiting a Doctor, Asking for and Giving Directions, and Job Interview with an ESL teacher! It is an excellent opportunity for one-on-one learning. Join us today!