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ASAC Online Tutoring

ASAC Online Tutoring

ASAC Online Tutoring

ASAC Online Tutoring

ASAC Online Tutoring

ASAC Online Tutoring

The Academic Support & Achievement Center (ASAC) offers online tutoring via Zoom. We provide free drop-in one-on-one and group tutoring (SI/ET/SG) services in multiple subjects for current Mt. SAC students. Online tutoring by appointment is also available for writing, math, and science.

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Spring 2020 Hours of Operation


Monday - Thursday: 9:00AM - 7:00PM
Friday - Saturday:  9:00AM - 4:00PM
Sunday: Closed

Monday - Thursday: 9:00AM - 7:00PM

Instructions On How to Access ASAC Online Tutoring

    • 1Register for ASAC Tutoring CRN

      Go to your portal and register for the ASAC tutoring CRN that corresponds to the course that you are seeking tutoring in. Click here for the complete list of ASAC tutoring CRN's and the instructions for self-registration. Note that these are non-credit CRN's, which will not affect your GPA.

    • 2Log in to Canvas
      1. Log in to Canvas and go to the "ASAC Online Tutoring" course.
      2. Inside the course, click the type of tutoring service you are interested in using (drop-In tutoring, scheduling tutoring appointments, or SI/ET/SG tutoring).
      3. Before clicking on the tutoring room link, read the policies and procedures.

      If the ASAC tutoring course does not appear in your Canvas dashboard within 20 minutes after registration, please contact us at or (909) 274-4300.

    • 3Access Zoom

      If you are using Zoom for the first time, you will need to either install the Zoom app on your device or use Google Chrome to use the web version of Zoom. Please use your Mt. SAC email when signing in.

      1. After being directed from Canvas to Zoom, you will be prompted to complete a Zoom registration form.
      2. After completing the form, you will be placed in the queue inside the Zoom waiting room. Have your Mt. SAC email and student ID number ready. The check-in process may take up to 3 minutes per student since students are admitted one at a time to ensure quality of service. 
      3. Once inside the tutoring room, our front counter staff will assign you to a tutor inside a breakout room where you will have your session. To promote independent learning, tutors will abide by the following session time limits: up to 30 minutes for humanities and social sciences and up to 20 minutes for math and science.
      4. Once your session is complete, you will be asked to exit the tutoring room. You may sign up again for additional help by returning to the tutoring room link on the ASAC Online Tutoring page in Canvas, but back-to-back sessions are not allowed.

If the ASAC tutoring course does not appear in your Canvas dashboard within 20 minutes after registration, please contact us at or (909) 274-4300. You can also chat with us by clicking here or the chat bubble on the right of your screen.

Preparing For Your Online Tutoring Session 

    • Subjects Available
      • Accounting
      • Anatomy
      • Biology
      • Chemistry
      • Economics
      • Engineering
      • English/writing
      • History
      • Math
      • Medical Terminology
      • Microbiology
      • Physics
      • Political Science
      • Psychology
      • Sociology
      • Speech
      • World Languages (French, Japanese, Spanish)

      *Note: anatomy, medical terminology, and microbiology tutoring not available week of June 8th.

      For the complete list of available subjects, please contact us at or (909) 274-4300. For information about other tutoring centers on campus, please click here.

    • Student-Tutor Expectations
      • Students are expected to have their course materials related to the assignment ready when entering the Zoom tutoring rooms. These include: assignment sheets, textbooks, class notes, and class syllabus.
      • Tutors will provide suggestions on how to improve the students' work or guide students on how to solve problems. Tutors will not, however, do the students' assignment.
      • In addition to content support, tutors may cover study skills strategies as needed.
      • In order promote independent learning, tutors will follow tutoring time limits. Students are entitled to up to 30 minutes per session for humanities and social science courses and up to 20 minutes for math and science courses.
      • After the session is complete, students are expected to exit the tutoring room. If you need an additional session, you may sign up again by clicking on the Zoom link in the ASAC Online Tutoring course.
      • Students are not allowed to have back-to-back sessions. Student who just finished a session for humanities and social sciences must wait at least 30 minutes before signing up again for another session. Math and science students who just finished a session must wait at least 20 minutes before signing up again.
      • All students are required to abide by Mt. SAC's Standards of Conduct Policy and failure to do so may result in disciplinary action such as removal from the virtual tutoring room and/or suspending access to ASAC's online tutoring services. 
    • Maximizing Your Online Tutoring Sessions
      • Come prepared for your tutoring sessions with all the needed materials.
      • Get tutoring early and often to avoid falling behind in class.
      • Review your assignment and have your questions ready before your tutoring session.
      • Set realistic goals you want to accomplish. Tutors will not do the work for you, but they can help you get better at doing it yourself.
      • Actively participate in the tutoring session, and work with the tutor to identify and clarify areas that need strengthening.

Technical Support

    • General Information
      • Zoom is available on different devices, but to get the most out of your session, we recommend that you use a laptop or desktop computer when accessing our online tutors.  For questions, please email Lester Lawenko at or Rafael Delgado at
      • Our ASAC staff will assist you in resolving your technical difficulties to the best of their abilities. However, in the event that your technical issues cannot be resolved by quickly troubleshooting them, you may be asked to restart your device and rejoin the tutoring session.
    • Audio Support
      • Audio Zoom support page
      • In the event that your audio fails during your tutoring session, please communicate this issue to the tutor via the chat box inside Zoom.
    • Video Support
      • Video Zoom support page
      • If you are experiencing issues sharing a document, application, or web browser using the "Share Screen" feature, check that your original source is open and not minimized.
    • Internet Connectivity
      • In the event that your internet connection becomes unstable, please disable your Zoom video. Also, check if other devices in your surroundings are using the same internet connection. If possible, turn off those devices since they may be causing your internet to become unstable.
      • If you are experiencing issues with your wireless connection, try to be as near as possible to your WiFi router/modem to maintain a stable connection.
      • There may be times when our tutors are experiencing connectivity issues. If you are in a tutoring session and such an issue arises, please immediately notify our front counter staff by returning to the main room or using the "Ask Help" feature inside your tutoring room. We will do our best to assign you to another available tutor.

        If you get disconnected during your session, please reconnect as soon as you can, and our front counter staff will re-admit you as soon as you are in the waiting room.

    • Zoom System Requirements
      • To learn more about Zoom's system requirements and supported devices, please click here.
    • Zoom Support for Commonly Used Features in a Tutoring Session
    • Zoom Video Tutorials
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