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Online Counseling

Online Counseling services provides students the opportunity to interact with a counselor in an online environment. There are two ways to interact with a counselor and the services provided are as follows:

Services Offered Interactive Exchange (Email Based) Video Counseling (Face-to-Face)
Certificate, Associate Degree, and Transfer Requirements X X
Pre-requisite clearance X X
Transcript Review*   X
Personal, Academic, Career Counseling   X
Probation or Dismissal information and status X X
1st semester course registration assistance X X
Comprehensive (through completion) Educational Plan   X
Assessment of English, Math, and Reading course level  X X
Academic Renewal   X

 Unofficial transcripts must be readily available
* Official college transcripts are officially evaluated by Admissions & Records

    • Is Online Counseling Right For You?

      Student studying on laptop computerOnline Counseling services is a great option if you are:

      • Enrolled in an online course
      • A remote student who lives too far from campus

      Online counseling services does not provide Psychological services.

      If you need assistance with a psychological services, contact the Student Health Center by calling (909) 274-4400 or visit in person on campus at the Student Health Center: Building 67B or Building 9E

    • Preparing for your Video Appointment

      ChecklistTo best prepare for your video (face-to-face) appointment, please remember to check the following:

      1. Compatible devices & browsers: desktop, laptop, tablet, Android, Windows, Chrome with strong and stable internet connection.
      2. Please use Chrome Internet browser for all video chat appointments. 
      3. Use video (Face-To-Face) online counseling in a quiet and private environment.
      4. Schedule a Mt.SAC's Video Counseling (Face-To-Face) Appointment (use your Portal log in information)
      5. Identify which counselor you would like to meet with/Schedule an appointment.
      6. If using service for transcript reviews, please have electronic copy available or have official transcripts on file with the Admissions & Records Office.


      • Screen sharing (this allows you to share your screen with the counselor)
      • Downloadable documents for saving and/or printing
    • FAQs

      Student raising hand in classroom

      1. Can I use video conferencing anywhere?
        Yes, you are able to access video conferencing anywhere with Internet access and a compatible device & browser. Please review our “Preparing for your Video Appointment” Checklist above for requirements.
      2. I haven’t applied to Mt. SAC yet. Can I still see an Online Counselor?
        You must have an admissions application on file and a Mt. SAC student ID# in order to access online counseling services. Apply for admission to Mt. San Antonio College.
      3. Do I have to sign into the video conferencing system through the portal?
        There are several access points for the video conferencing system. If you are a re-entry, public safety, or online education student, please check that respective web page.
      4. I have a MAC, can I still use the video conferencing system?
        Please use a Chrome Internet browser for all video chat appointments. 
      5. Do I have to use online counseling if I am taking online classes?
        No, you can still access on-campus Counseling services.

      For in-person counseling appointments, please call
      (909) 274-4380 or visit building 9B, 2nd floor.

Ready to Begin?

Interactive Exchange (Email Based) Video Counseling (Face-To-Face)
  • We will make every effort to reply to your inquiry. Average response time to answer your inquiry through interactive exchange may be three days, excluding weekends and holidays.
  • Video Online Counseling is not offered during the summer intersession.
  • Online Counseling  may not be available at various times during the day due to amount of inquiries and counselor availability.

Meet the Online Counseling Team