Mt. SAC Application Process

Before applying to the Respiratory Therapy Program students must complete the following steps:

    • 1Step 1: Apply to Mt. SAC

      Complete and submit a Mt. SAC Admission Application

      New students can complete and submit the Mt. SAC online application here. For help, watch this video on how to complete the Mt. SAC online application.

      Computers are available in the Student Services Center for your convenience. Please browse the information and tips below to ensure you're ready to begin the application process. For important dates and deadlines, be sure to check out our Academic Calendar.

      Before You Start Your Application

      • Have your social security number ready, if you have one. (If you have a DACA issued social security number, do not include it in your application)
      • Collect the names and dates (month and year) of all high schools and colleges attended.
      • Have a valid email address ready, one that you check frequently. This is where we'll send follow-up information about your application. If you do not have one, we recommend that you create an email account prior to applying.
      • (If applicable) Have your permanent resident card ready.

      After You Submit Your Application

      • Be sure to check your email regularly. You will get a welcome email confirmation 1-2 weeks after you submit your application containing very important information (such as a confirmation code that you will need in the future). This message will be sent to the email address you provided when you registered with the CCCApply website.
      • Once you have been assigned a Mt. SAC identification number and username (provided in your Welcome Email), you will need to set up your Mt. SAC Portal in order to enroll for classes and view other important information.
      • Sign up for a Mountie Fast Track Info Sessions - Got questions? These Information Sessions were created to answer your questions and assist you in getting started at Mt. SAC! Register online at
      • Before you can register for classes, you must complete the entire enrollment process.  Click through the buttons at the top of this page to learn about each step in the process.

       If you have questions about your application, contact our Admissions and Records office at (909) 274-4415 or visit Admissions online.

    • 2Step 2: Apply for Financial Aid

      Mt. SAC offers a variety of financial aid programs funded by federal and state agencies and private sources, including grants, fee waivers, work- study opportunities, scholarships, and loans.

      On average, tuition is just $1,400 per year to attend Mt. San Antonio College full time. Most students receive financial aid to bring this cost down even further and help cover other expenses.

      Fill out a FAFSA

      One of the most important financial aid documents to fill out is your FAFSA, a document that college students must fill out every year they are in school to help determine their financial need and aid eligibility. The FAFSA opens on January 1st of each year. You should fill out your FAFSA as soon as you can after January 1st of each school year. Learn more about FAFSA and the steps needed to complete it here.

      We strongly encourage all of our students to apply for some form of financial aid. Learn about the different types of financial aid and programs at our Financial Aid page or feel free to call the Financial Aid office at (909) 274-4450.

      Calculate Your Costs for College

      Mt. SAC provides a Net Price Calculator to help students estimate their college costs. The "net price" of college is the real price that a student pays -- the cost minus the financial aid awards you might qualify for. Our Net Price Calculator can help you estimate the true cost of attending college at Mt. SAC and give you an idea of the types of financial aid awards you qualify for. You can find out more about and use our Net Price Calculator here.

    • 3Step 3 : Complete the Assessment Process

      All Mt. SAC students are required to participate in assessment for course placement. The assessment and placement process has been established to enable all students the opportunity to be successful in their coursework.

      After you set up your Mt. SAC portal (how to claim your Mt. SAC portal account), go to, and complete the Assessment Questionnaire (AQ) to obtain your English and math course placement. Learn how to complete the online assessment here.

      For more information, contact our Assessment Center at (909) 274-4265.

    • 4Step 4: Attend New Student Orientation
      At orientation, a counselor will review your English and math course placement based on the Assessment Questionnaire (AQ) and help you select your courses. Counselors will review graduation and university transfer requirements. You will also create your Mountie Academic Plan (MAP). 

      Online Orientation

      Online orientation is required by all new students to Mt SAC.  To access the online orientation, go to your Mt. SAC Portal and click the "Student Success" tab. After you complete the online orientation, you should make a counseling appointment online to complete a first-semester plan, aka the Mountie Academic Plan (MAP), and assistance with the registration process. 

      Before you can register for classes, you must complete the entire enrollment process. Click on the green arrows to learn about each step in the enrollment process.

      Exemption from Orientation

      If one of the following statements applies to you, you may be exempt from orientation:

      1. I have graduated with an associate degree or higher from a regionally accredited institution. You must provide a copy of transcripts as documentation of degree attainment.
      2. I have enrolled at the college for a reason other than career development or advancement, transfer, attainment of a degree or certificate of achievement, or completion of a basic skills or English as a Second Language course sequence.
      3. I have earned 60 units or more from a regionally accredited institution. You must provide a copy of transcripts as documentation of units earned from another institution.
      4. I am enrolled at Mt. SAC solely to take a course that is legally mandated for employment as defined in section 55000 or necessary in response to a significant change in industry or licensure standings.
      5. I am enrolled as a special admit student pursuant to Education Code section 76001.

      If you think you are exempt from orientation:

      • Download our Student Success Form and bring it along with the supporting documents (listed above in steps 1 through 5) to the Counseling Center (2nd floor of Building 9B) or fax them to (909) 274-2413.
      • Call the Counseling Center at (909) 274-4380 if you want to find out more about orientation exemptions.

      Questions about orientation? Call (909) 274-4380.

    • 5Step 5: Meet with a Counselor

      Applicants must meet with a Counselor or an Advisor to review Associate in Science (or “AS”) degree requirements and complete an Academic Preparation Checklist for the Respiratory Therapy Program. 


      All of the following pre-requisite courses must be completed with a minimum grade of “C” in each course before admittance into the program (see counseling for more information): 

      • ANAT 10A Introductory Human Anatomy or ANAT 35 Human Anatomy 
      • ANAT 10B Introductory Human Physiology or ANAT 36 Human Physiology 
      • CHEM 10 Chemistry for Allied Health 
      • MATH 51 Elementary Algebra (MATH 71 required for degree) 
      • MEDI 90 Medical Terminology 

      Applicants must seek variances (or equivalencies) for courses completed at other institutions or repeat the course at Mt. SAC. The course of consideration must be an equivalent course to the course listed (or more advanced lower division course). Transcripts and course outlines/ description must be reviewed by the Department Chair of the appropriate department for approval. 

      Schedule a counseling appointment by calling the Counseling Department at (909) 274-4380, going in person (Bldg. 9B, 2nd floor) or visiting their website: