Mt. SAC Application Process

Before applying to the Respiratory Therapy Program students must complete the following steps:

    • 1Apply to Mt. SAC

      Complete and submit a Mt. SAC Admission Application online.

      Students transferring from other colleges must have their official transcript sent to Mt. SAC's Admissions and Records Office.

    • 2Orientation &  Assessment
      For help with this step contact Counseling
      For help with this step contact the Assessment Center
      • Online:
      • By phone: (909) 274-4265, or
      • In person: At the Assessment Center (located in bldg. 9B - Student Services Center – first floor)
      For help with this step contact Counseling
    • 3Meet with a Counselor
      Make an appointment with counseling


      Applicants must meet with a Counselor or an Advisor to review Associate in Science (or “AS”) degree requirements and complete an Academic Preparation Checklist for the Respiratory Therapy Program.

      • All of the following pre-requisite courses must be completed with a minimum grade of “C” in each course before admittance into the program (see counseling for more information):
        • ANAT 10A Introductory Human Anatomy or ANAT 35 Human Anatomy
        • ANAT 10B Introductory Human Physiology or ANAT 36 Human Physiology
        • CHEM 10 Chemistry for Allied Health
        • MATH 51 Elementary Algebra (MATH 71 required for degree)
        • MEDI 90 Medical Terminology


      Applicants must seek variances (or equivalencies) for courses completed at other institutions or repeat the course at Mt. SAC. The course of consideration must be an equivalent course to the course listed (or more advanced lower division course). Transcripts and course outlines/ description must be reviewed by the Department Chair of the appropriate department for approval.