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Pre-Level 1 and Foundations


Title Content Link
PL1: Numbers Spelling and new words

Section 1: Listening

Section 4A: Dictation

Section 4B: Dictation

PL2: Introduce Yourself Spelling and new words

Section 1a: Introduce Yourself

PL3: Family Tree  Spelling and new words

 Section 1: Video

Section 3: Vocabulary

PL4: The Be Verb  Grammar

Section 1: Video

PL5: School  Spelling and new words  
PL6: Present Continuous/Activities Grammar

Section 1: Listening

PL7: Weather and Clothes Spelling and new words

Section 1a: Video

Section 1b: Listening

PL10: The Kitchen  Using the be verb in a sentence and new words 

Section 1: Listening

Section 3: Listening

Section 5A: Listening

Section 5B: Listening

PL12: How much? How many? Grammar - Questions

Section 1: Video

Section 1B: Listening

PL16: I am sick Spelling and vocabulary