Mini Grant Process Guided Pathways to Success 

Mini-Grant Process 

At Mt. SAC, (GPS) is about doing what we are already doing, but doing it better. By working collaboratively across areas, innovating with new approaches, integrating support services into the student experience, and above all keeping students at the center of our work, GPS makes it easier for students to get the help they need during every step of their community college experience. The Guided Pathways Council has funding to support faculty, staff, and managers in activities or projects that would help us in accomplishing this work and meeting the Guided Pathways Guidelines. The focus of Mt. SAC’s GPS is to evaluate and improve our college processes to ensure that the college is ready for our students. From start to finish, we want students to experience the support and engagement for which Mt. SAC is known. To that end, we invite you to submit a proposal application for a mini-grant to fund a project, activity, event, and/or conference travel related to the implementation of GPS.

We welcome your ideas and encourage you to consult and include our Research team if requesting data from them prior to submitting proposals. Priority will be given to projects that meet Guided Pathways Guidelines. Applicants may be requested to meet with the GPS Budget Workgroup to provide additional clarification as needed. Proposals should address one or more of the following elements that encompass the core of Mt. SAC’s GPS. 

Steps in the Mini-Grant Process
Conceptualize a project/activity or identify a conference/training that aligns with the GPS framework on the Scale of Adoption Assessment. Identify your goals, activities, and how much funding you need to complete the project.
Complete the Mini-Grant Application. Once you start the application, it must be completed in one sitting. You can prepare by reviewing the application questions in advance. Applications submitted by the last day of the month, will be reviewed by the GPS committee the following month.
Committee Review
Your application will be reviewed and scored using the Mini-Grant Rubric by a sub-group of the GPS Council to ensure it aligns with the GPS framework on the Scale of Adoption Assessment. The reviewers meet the 2nd week of each month to discuss applications and compile their scores from the rubric.
Committee Approval
Based on scoring from the Mini-Grant Rubric, recommendations for funding will be brought to the GPS Council for final approval by vote. The GPS Council meets the 3rd Tuesday of every month. You will be notified of the committee's decision no later than the 4th week of the month.
The Work
You (and your team) complete the project or attend the
conference/training. Be sure to meet the goals and budget laid out in your application. If you need any support, be sure to reach out to your GPS coordinators. We are here to help!
Report Back
Once you have completed the project/activity or attend the conference/training, please complete the project summary final report. Multi-semester projects must also complete a midterm report at the end of the semester.