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DLC Membership

Name Office Phone Department Term
Meghan Chen
6-262 909-274-5888 Dean, Library & Learning Resources Division On-going
Carol Impara
6-262B 909-274-6369 Distance Learning Coordinator (DLC) Nutrition and Foods Faculty 2016-2018
Catherine Mc Kee 6-262C 909-274-6112 Assistant Distance Learning Coordinator (ADLC) Nutrition and Foods Faculty 2016-2018
Michael Dowdle 26B-2551F 909-274-3160 Psychology, Education Faculty 2015-2018
Richard Patterson Bldg 79-2200F 909-274-5168 Computer Information Systems Faculty 2014-2017
Stacie Nakamatsu 9B 909-274-5917 Counseling Faculty 2016-2019
Edwin Estes Bldg 78-3190A 909-274-6428 Business Administration Faculty 2014-2017
Matthew Dawood 9E-1100 909-274-5650 Accessibility Resource Center for Students (ACCESS) Program Coordinator 2014-2017
Ron Bean 23-6108 909-274-4390 Information Technology Representative On-going
Jeanne-Marie Velickovic 66-225 909-274-4570 Instructional Dean (appointed by Vice President, Instruction) Associate Dean, Humanities & Social Sciences Division, Administrator Representative 2014-2017
Hong Guo Library Room 236 909-274-6490 Online Learning Librarian On-going
Michelle Newhart 6-262D 909-274-5020 Instructional Designer On-going
Vacant     Student Representative 2016-2017