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Smartsheet tools descriptionSPOT Certified Faculty

This page contains the list of Faculty who have been certified through Mt. SAC's Skills and Pedagogy for Online Teaching (SPOT) program. This page receives automatic, live updates as faculty complete the course.

SPOT Recertification

SPOT Recertifcation: Mt. SAC requires periodic renewal based on your initial SPOT certification date. Please visit the SPOT Recertification page to learn more about the recertification process.

You can use the tools to print out a copy, save a PDF, or save an Excel sheet that you can sort or filter to the data you want. In addition, you can highlight newly added information using the highlighter. This tool allows you to set the time range to highlight, and you can toggle the highlighting on and off. 

While you cannot change the data that appears here, please contact us if you notice any errors in names, department, divisions, or you see names of faculty who no longer work at Mt. SAC.

Email the Faculty Center for Learning Technology with questions or changes:, x5300