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spot the dalmatianSPOT, Mt. SAC's Certification for Online Teaching!

SPOT, or Skills and Pedagogy for Online Teaching is the certification process for Mt. SAC faculty who wish to teach courses online. Faculty members develop a basis in the skills and pedagogy needed for effective online teaching , and demonstrate their knowledge through the completion of tasks in the certification process.

Why complete SPOT?

SPOT certification is a requirement for all Mt. SAC instructors who wish to teach Distance Learning (online or hybrid) courses.

Did you know: Adjunct faculty can earn a stipend for successfully completing their SPOT certification. Submit a Distance Learning Stipend Request Form.

About SPOT

  • SPOT is an online course that teaches you how to use best practices in teaching distance education courses.
  • SPOT is self-paced. The start date and time to complete the course is up to you. You earn 16 hours of Professional Growth Increment (PGI) when completing SPOT if your position qualifies to earn PGI credit.
  • SPOT training is conducted entirely within Canvas but SPOT does not teach you how to use Canvas. If you first need to learn  how to use Canvas, consider using our resources to help you learn Canvas before you begin SPOT.
  • To begin SPOT, you must have and use a Mt. SAC email account.
To Register for SPOT:SPOT Course Card
  • Fill out the SPOT Registration Form (Please only complete this form once). Note: This form is also available within the SPOT course description in POD Connect.  
  • Enroll in the course within Mt. SAC POD Connect.
    • Enroll in POD to ensure you receive PGI Credit for your completion of SPOT. To access the SPOT course in POD, click here or follow these steps:
      • Navigate to Mt. SAC POD and enter POD Connect. 
      • Click on the "Connect Home" green button in the navigation within POD Connect page. 
      • Use the Search function to look for "SPOT" or scroll through featured courses to locate the SPOT course card (pictured here).
      • Click on the course card to enroll.
Your enrollment in SPOT will include three elements:
  1. You will be enrolled as a student in the  course "Skills & Pedagogy for Online Teaching (SPOT)"  - where you will read and submit all tasks.
  2. You will be enrolled as an instructor in your own personal Canvas course with "SPOT" in the title. This course shell is where you will create tasks and communicate with your SPOT verifier during the SPOT course.
  3. A SPOT Faculty Verifier will be assigned to you for the duration of the SPOT process.
To Complete the SPOT course:
  • You will create an orientation module and four content modules of a hypothetical online course, using the best practices for online teaching presented in the SPOT course.
  • You will perform a self-check of your SPOT course using the SPOT rubric which is based on California's Online Education Initiate (OEI).  The OEI is a leader in creating and assessing online pedagogy.
  • You will make any changes in your course to bring it into compliance with the SPOT rubric, complete the rubric, and submit it, indicating your course is ready for review.
  • Your course will be reviewed by a SPOT Faculty Reviewer using the SPOT rubric.  Course changes may be required in order to bring the course into compliance with the rubric in order to earn SPOT
  • When you have earned your SPOT certification, your division will be notified that you are now able to teach online.  They can verify this online at the distance learning faculty list.

If you have more questions about the SPOT process, the additional requirements to teach an online or hybrid course at Mt. SAC, or other questions related to Distance Learning, feel free to contact the assistant Distance Learning faculty coordinator:

Name Phone Office Email
Catherine McKee   (909) 274-6112  6-262C

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