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ABE Learning Center Attendance Policy

We are privileged to assist you in reaching your educational goals and we will do our best to help you achieve success. The following attendance policies are in place for your benefit.

This policy is a reminder to students that attending the Adult Basic Education Learning Center is for educational purposes only.
  • Any student present at the facility must check in immediately upon arrival. Please do not arrive at the facility until you are ready to check in and attend class.
  • Students must sign-in and sign-out using the attendance scanner.
  • In the event that the scanner is not operating, students must sign-in manually on an attendance sheet.
  • The staff cannot verify attendance without information obtained from daily attendance records.
  • Students are expected to remain in the ABE Learning Center while in attendance.
  • Coming to the campus for reasons other than educational purposes violates this attendance policy. This includes coming to campus to socialize with other students, meet other students, and/or loiter in and around the premises. If you come to pick up another student, please wait in the Student Lot.
  • Loitering in and around the Adult Basic Education Learning Center is prohibited. Students are expected to check in to class within five (5) minutes of arrival and leave the campus immediately after checking out of class
  • Students must attend a minimum of two hours of class time PRIOR to taking a break. If you check into the classroom and take a break prior to two hours, you will be asked to return to class immediately.
  • If your break extends past 20 minutes, you will be asked to check out of class.
  • Once you check out for the day, you should leave the premises immediately. Loitering in front of the building or in Sherman Park is NOT permitted during class hours.
  • If any staff member requests that you return to the classroom or leave for the day, please comply with their requests.
  • In the event that all the computers in the center are occupied, students are to utilize other methods of instruction such as independent study, tutoring, and/ or small group instruction.
Attendance Verification Policy
In the event that a student needs verification of attendance or enrollment (for housing, insurance, probation, social service benefits, etc.), the following policy applies and no exceptions will be made for this policy:
Proof of attendance will be issued once the student has attended a minimum of twelve (12) hours per week for four (4) consecutive weeks.