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Armed Services Preparation (ASVAB)

The Adult Basic Education Lab provides preparation for the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) examination, which is the entrance test for all branches of the United States military. You must earn a certain minimum score on the ASVAB to enter the military, get a particular job, or receive additional benefits in the military.  To help you reach your goals, the ASVAB Preparation program focuses on helping students earn the highest score possible on the test.

ASVAB Preparation includes:
  • Diagnostic testing
  • Computer tutorials
  • Small group classes
  • Study skills and test taking strategies
  • An Individualized Education Plan to help you make the greatest point gain in the least amount of time

For more information about preparing for the ASVAB, call the Adult Basic Education Lab at (909) 274-4935 or e-mail

ASVAB Student Guide